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More about the Monsta Infinite MONI token

More about the Monsta Infinite MONI token


After announcing our partnership with Monsta Infinite around 6 weeks ago, we’d like to provide an update on this project and touch upon their governance token, $MONI. Monsta Infinite is a high potential P2E DeFi gaming project, but what exactly is MONI, and why will it be successful? Read on to find out more about Monsta Infinite, their $MONI token, and a fun current event!

MONI advantages

Monsta Infinite’s MONI token has some important advantages, which indicate that the token is & will be successful. We will list these advantages below.

  • Reduced circulating supply: Users will exchange MONI for STT (Monsta Infinite’s in-game currency), which they will then spend. Because of this, more MONI will be going into the MONI-STT liquidity pool. This leads to a lower circulating supply of MONI.
  • Undervaluation: When compared to other NFT projects, it becomes clear that Monsta Infinite (MONI) is currently undervalued. At a current MONI price of $2,49, their current market cap is around $24.500.000 to $25.000.000 million. There is a lot of potential for growth!
  • Token distribution: The MONI tokens for pre-sale are well distributed, making sure dumping is prevented.

In addition, exciting new features have recently been launched & some others will be launched soon. Some examples are the Marketplace and the MONI – STT liquidity pool being launched inside the Marketplace. Also, Monsta Infinite is affordable for everyone and the low-cost entry will result in a lot of growth in the player base.

HODL MONI & Win a prize!

Monsta Infinite: Diamond Hand Event Are you a real HODLer? This is your time to prove it! By holding at least 10 MONI in a single wallet address for more than 31 days, you have a chance to win one of the 200 Inception Monsta which Monsta Infinite is giving out! The event finishes on November the 20th, 2021. Since you need to hold for 31 days, be quick to join. You don’t need to register anywhere: just hold at least 10 MONI tokens, and you are eligible.
We hope that this article has given you more insight in Monsta Infinite and the advantages of the $MONI token. Keep visiting our blogs and other channels to stay updated about our partner Monsta Infinite & our other partners!
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