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Partnership: Attack Wagon x BCA investments

Partnership: Attack Wagon x BCA investments
attack wagon logo BCAi is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with the very exciting blockchain game studio Attack Wagon!

Blockchain gaming is one of the biggest hypes in the current cryptocurrency space. The amount of blockchain gaming projects is growing fast, and the amount of people interested in them is growing even faster. Blockchain gaming is a whole new development in the gaming industry and opens up a lot of possibilities.

One of these new exciting projects is Attack Wagon. In their own words, they are a blockchain gaming studio creating unique worlds, packing them full of meaty lore and then smothering them in delicious artwork. Sounds like the right ingredients for success!

Our partnership with Attack Wagon

BCA investments is working together with multiple blockchain gaming projects. Play to earn, NFT & DeFi gaming: we have experience with such projects and see the potential in them. Both in and out of our community, people are interested in and excited about blockchain gaming. That’s why we are looking to partner up with thrilling blockchain gaming projects, and also why we decided to work together and support Attack Wagon.

Important platform features

To give a better understanding about Attack Wagon and the platform, we have listed some important features below.
  • Multiple games will be Play to Earn! This means that gamers can enjoy immersive games and also earn while doing so.
  • Attack Wagon creates unique, never seen before (blockchain) gaming worlds which everyone can enjoy.
  • NFTs are also part of Attack Wagon’s platform and marketplace.
  • The ATK token will be integrated within games, giving it multiple use cases. More about this token can be read below.

The ATK token

Attack Wagon has its own native token: $ATK. Players will be able to use ATK tokens to make purchases in-game. The ATK token will also be used for buying and upgrading NFTs, entry fees for PVP and awards from PVP & quests.

The total token supply for ATK is 1,000,000,000 and the initial supply is 46,380,000.

Attack Wagon Games

It all sounds great, but what about the games? What kind of games can you play? As for now, Attack Wagon has confirmed the names and details of two of their games. Below, we will give you a description of both.


attack wagon game scrapguilds Attack Wagon’s first ever game: ScrapGuilds! This is a scrap-smuggling space shooter. In this game, the player is a scrapper whose objective is to gather scrap, build and upgrade their ship and fight off alien races & other scrappers. Players can sell items, as well as buy new parts for their ship from the marketplace. There are also NFT parts and artifacts which players can collect. ScrapGuilds is not only free to play, but also play to earn. Players will be able to start from scratch and build their own empire! According to the roadmap, ScrapGuids will launch in Q2 2022.


attack wagon game spellcartel This game studio’s second announced game is SpellCartel, a real-time strategy survival game based on magic and gang warfare. SpellCartel will be launched in 2023.

A cool feature for all Attack Wagon games is that every game is connected in the same universe. This means that players will be able to realize characters and certain plot lines from other Attack Wagon games in the game they’re playing.
BCAi is certainly looking forward to seeing Attack Wagon’s development and will support the project where necessary. We’re also excited about the launch of Attack Wagon’s first game, ScrapGuilds, which is planned for Q2 2022. Game on!
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This sounds great.. Im sure this is going to be another massive project in the industry. All the best!! ????????????

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