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Partnership: Aukiverse x BCA investments

Partnership: Aukiverse x BCA investments

We are happy to announce our partnership with Aukiverse, a foundational protocol for shared augmented reality experiences!

If you have been following digital developments at all, there’s no chance you haven’t heard about augmented reality. However, as of now, AR has quite some limitations. That’s where the Aukiverse, a protocol created by Auki Labs that aims to create an ‘Internet of AR’, comes into the equation. Read on to find out more!

BCAi x Auki Labs / Aukiverse

With the Aukiverse, Auki Labs is creating an advanced AR metaverse protocol that has unique solutions. The vision is to replace the GPS system by giving every cubic millimeter an address. This is achieved by building advanced peer-to-peer positioning protocols, enabling a new era for spatial computing. All of this is connected to the blockchain, with the $AUKI token, a map-to-earn program, and NFTs.

Ultimately, Auki Labs is creating a unique AR metaverse, and BCAi is happy to be able to support them during this process!

Our video AMA with Aukiverse

Earlier this year, we hosted a live video AMA with Nils, the CEO of Auki Labs. During the AMA, the BCAi community was able to ask live questions about the tech and product, and get a direct response from Nils. This AMA is a bit different to what you are used to, but we really wanted to share this live version because of all the valuable information.

Below, you can see the recording of the live video AMA. Watch it to get a better understanding about the Aukiverse, backed by visuals and a live demo!

The Aukiverse

One of the main goals of the Aukiverse is to replace GPS with P2P positioning protocols. Apps that are connected to the Aukiverse become interoperable, and participate in building up the peer-to-peer positioning network.

Some highlights and unique functions of the Aukiverse are as follows:

  • Instant Calibration: Absolute positioning consensus is achieved instantly between multiple devices, without physical markers or point cloud comparisons.
  • Share Across Apps: Every app that is connected to the Aukiverse can see its inhabitants and creations. Auki Labs calls this interoperability layer the future of AR.
  • Asset Cloud: By storing & retrieving assets, interoperability across apps is achieved.
  • A Firm Hand: A real-time 3D reconstruction of your hands, that allows you to intuitively interact with a virtual world.
  • Foundational: With the Aukiverse, Auki Labs sees the foundation of the future AR metaverse and spatial computing.

Check out another demo of the Aukiverse, shared by Auki Labs, below:

$AUKI Token

The Aukiverse protocol has a token named $AUKI. Aukiverse participants, and app developers, pay a small (miniscule) entry fee in $AUKI to access the Aukiverse. This fee is paid at the moment of entry and calibration. It is distributed between the infrastructure provider, calibration provider, any third-party content providers, and the foundation managing the protocol.

The protocol will be ‘pay-as-you-go’. Because of this, participants and developers will only pay for what is necessary, and will have more control over their expenses.

$AUKI will be used to pay for:

  • Calibration
  • Infrastructure usage
  • Content
  • Protocol maintenance

However, the $AUKI token can also be earned. Read more about earning $AUKI below.

Map-to-earn & NFTs

Auki Labs is creating a map-to-earn program that allows people to earn rewards for mapping out the world and validating previous measurements. This program is being created, because they believe that consumers should be rewarded for their participation in the mapping of the Aukiverse.

In addition, both consumers and businesses will be able to purchase and own ‘Lighthouse NFTs’. These Aukiverse NFTs are physical calibration markers that serve as reference points, which will assist in calibration. With these NFTs, people can earn passive income whenever these markers are used by a participating Aukiverse app.

The Aukiverse is a unique protocol, aiming high with the mission to replace the geospatial GPS system with their neospatial peer-to-peer positioning network. Ultimately, Auki Labs is building a protocol that aims to become the foundation of the future AR metaverse and spatial computing.

We are proud to be partners of Auki Labs & the Aukiverse, and are very excited to support them and see the protocol develop!

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