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Partnership: Billionaire Plus x BCA investments

Partnership: Billionaire Plus x BCA investments
Billionaire Plus logo

Billionaire Plus is a board game that combines NFTs, DeFi and collectibles!

Whilst the amount of crypto gaming projects is growing, there are not a lot of strong board games coming out. That’s why Billionaire Plus is a welcome addition to the blockchain gaming space. Please read on for more information!

BCAi & Billionaire Plus

Our team is continuously looking to work together with strong GameFi projects. Billionaire Plus stands out by being a DeFi board game incorporating 3D, VR, the metaverse & NFTs into their game’s ecosystem.

The game & graphics look great, and the Billionaire Plus team is constantly working on development and the release of new features. Below, you’ll find some more information about the game.

About Billionaire Plus

Billionaire Plus is a multiplayer board game. Within the game’s ecosystem, the following things exist:

  • 3D and VR modes
  • A metaverse in which players can own virtual real estate, customize cities, own & sell NFTs and trade using the marketplace.
  • Use tokens to enter the game and stake to earn rewards & compete.

Billionaire Plus board

The above leads to all kinds of in-game features, such as:

  • World Tournaments: Players can travel the globe to virtually participate in global tournaments. Every season, new boards will replace older boards, and gameplay will be updated with new features.
  • Virtual Events: Everyone can be a host and organize virtual events on their owned lands. The activity level of someone’s land will later on also determine the multiplier effect at tournaments. By participating in events, players will experience a rise in their social ranking.
  • Decentral Properties: Players can build and trade virtual, decentral properties.

Avatars & Characters

Billionaire Plus Character
S-rated (Rare) Character

Players can choose from various stunning avatars. Each avatar has a unique skill set that provides people with different game advantages.

Players advance their leaderboard rank by evolving their character. Every season, there are new NFT characters, pets, cars, and skins minted & available on the marketplace. By achieving a higher character rank, players have a greater chance of winning tournaments and earning better NFTs. The NFTs in Billionaire Plus are all ranked: A, B, C, D and S. C and D are common, B and A are uncommon and S is rare.

Gameplay trailer

Check out the Billionaire Plus gameplay trailer below to see how the game looks!

This board game doesn’t just offer nice gameplay: it also integrates the metaverse, NFTs, and collectibles in its ecosystem. In Q2 2022, features like Billionaire Plus 3D and the v1.0 of the marketplace will be added. We are excited to see Billionaire Plus develop and will gladly support the team. Game on!
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