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Partnership: BlockPad x BCA investments

Partnership: BlockPad x BCA investments
Announcement: BCAi and BlockPad, a Multichain DeFi Gateway for the Web 3.0 Ecosystem, are partners! Web 3.0 represents the next stage of the web evolution. It brings more centralization, openness, and user utility. The BlockPad acts as a gateway to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. In this article, we want to give you some important information about this platform and the advantages of it.

Rebranding: BlockPad to Blockius

In February, it has been confirmed that BlockPad rebranded to Blockius. To avoid confusion, we will not change the information and name of the company in this article. However, we can confirm that we’re talking about Blockius when mentioning BlockPad. The name change and rebranding has the following main reasons:
  1. The focus has entirely shifted from being just a launchpad to a multichain suite of DeFi applications. The name BlockPad didn’t justify the complete purpose of the platform.
  2. A similar named token (to ‘BlockPad’) got launched recently, confusing multiple parties. This could be troublesome in terms of branding and community building.
  3. The previous name was creating uncertainty for the community and clients, as it wasn’t accounting for the purpose Blockius wanted to fulfill.
The token is now called $BLOS.

Our partnership with BlockPad

First of all, why did we partner with this platform? BlockPad offers a lot of solutions to the currently existing problems within decentralized finance. Within the platform, a big variety of DeFi products / features (such as minting, launching, staking and farming) exist. On top of this, BlockPad is a Multichain rug-proof IDO launchpad. So, BlockPad brings all components of decentralized finance together, focusing on being a true Web 3.0 ecosystem. All of the above is why we are happy to be partners with this DeFi platform!

Why BlockPad?

BlockPad - Launchpad The reason there is a lot of excitement around this platform & launchpad, is because it offers a variety of solutions and features for all DeFi components. Below, we’ll explain ‘Why BlockPad?’ for both launchpad and general platform reasons.

BlockPad as a launchpad

  • The launchpad is rug-proof, and scams will be filtered. This way, a safe ecosystem is provided.
  • Insufficient & unlocked liquidity is a big problem in DeFi. The team has integrated automatic liquidity lock through their native smart contracts for the projects using BlockPad.
  • The launchpad offers fair and guaranteed allocation to their community.
  • The community is the backbone of the launchpad, and will decide on upcoming projects. By getting enough votes by the community, projects will be added to the investment pool.
  • The launchpad primarily focuses on BSC, but will also integrate Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and more blockchains.
BlockPad as a platform
  • The whole package is included: minting, launching, vesting, locking, staking, and farming.
  • As an investor, you can earn extra rewards from highly promising projects.
  • Customization is always possible.
  • The platform brings an enthusiastic community and promising projects together.

Key token information

The BlockPad’s token, $BPAD (rebrand: Blockius $BLOS token), has the following utilities: BlockPad - BPAD
  1. By holding $BPAD, platform users will be able to participate in Community Voting. This includes important platform decisions and project voting.
  2. Active stakers will automatically be eligible to receive $BPAD rewards post successful governance and IDO events.
  3. Token stakers can purchase tokens offered by multichain presales and public sales on the launchpad.
  4. Tokens will be rewarded as mining rewards.
  5. A certain percentage of fees collected via offered products will be used to Buy Back & Burn $BPAD periodically.
  6. BPAD tokens can be used as fees to pay for certain DeFi applications.

BlockPad has a strong core and quite some advantages as a DeFi launchpad, platform, and ecosystem. The platform is currently in full development. We can expect new features to launch in the first quarter of 2022, such as new UI updates, the first version of the LP Mining Platform, and the Token Minter Mainnet. Also, the platform is onboarding new chains. So, there are some good things coming for The BlockPad!
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