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Partnership: Cloud City Metaverse x BCA investments

Partnership: Cloud City Metaverse x BCA investments
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Announcement: BCAi joins forces with Cloud City, a virtual decentralized gaming platform on Solana!

With the blockchain gaming space slowly maturing, innovative new projects are being built and launched. Cloud City is unique in not just being a game, but a platform that will host AAA games and give players full control over their digital assets. Learn more about (our partnership with) The Cloud City Metaverse below!

Cloud City x BCAi

BCAi is excited to be partnering up with Cloud City. This project is a true gaming metaverse that hosts multiple strong games and also focuses on community, socializing and socializing. The platform differentiates itself by providing unique content and focusing on engagement.

Additionally, Cloud City is a platform for NFTs and supports earning through playing. All in all: a true gaming metaverse!

BCAi is a Pre-Seed investor of Cloud City. As one of the earliest investors, we are happy to be supporting this project and help them grow. Below, you can read more details about Cloud City.

The Cloud City Metaverse

Within Cloud City, players can choose from several games with different genres. The platform launches with a racing game, and will continuously add more AAA-level games.

However, before choosing a specific game, players will land in the ‘Community Area’: a communal zone where players can socialize, talk, and access the Marketplace. The Community Area features a map that shows different parts of Cloud City. Through this area, players can also access and join various activities such as live events, concert halls, museums, and, of course, games.

Cloud City


The platform uses NFTs to ensure true asset ownership and security. People can create and display their artwork as NFTs, which also can be purchased through the marketplace.

Within the marketplace, NFTS can be bought with Cloud Shards (in-game utility token). Players can also purchase in-game assets.


Cloud City Patches

A significant part of the platform is the ability to buy land to either build or rent and earn. The land chunks are NFTs called ‘Patches’. By owning a Patch, there is a lot someone can do, such as:

  • Build structures
  • Host events
  • Develop applications
  • Rent the land
  • Host any content on Cloud City

There will be multiple Patch sectors, each one of them having a Business Enclave; a section for businesses that want a dedicated presence. Here, businesses can build, create a community, and sell real products and services.

Cloud City Tokens

The main utility & governance token of the platform is called Astral. It serves the following purposes:

  • Governance: Participation in governance decisions. Players can use Astral to influence in-game economics and, to some degree, development decision-making.
  • Game Rewards: By winning battles, tournaments, and other events within The Cloud City Metaverse, players will earn a small amount of Astrals. These will be deposited into the winner’s existing Astral wallet.
  • Staking: It’s also possible to stake Astrals and receive staking rewards.

Apart from Astral, there is an in-game utility token, called Cloud Shard. This token can only be acquired as a reward for completing quests and winning both PvE and PvP games. With Cloud Shards, players can buy skins, wearables, land, upgrades, and more.

Games within the Cloud City Metaverse

Cloud City Games

The platform will launch with a pre-built racing game: Cloud Grand Prix (CGP). This arcade racing game takes players through different environments and allows people to customize & upgrade cars (or buy better cars) with NFTs.

Before races, players stake equal amounts of tokens. Earning within Cloud Grand Prix is possible by ranking high and receiving more tokens than the amount you staked. CGP includes both PvE & PvP; both of them have their own reward system.

After the launch, the platform will continuously add new games. These will always include both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) modes. Each specific game allows users to purchase and use in-game assets. Examples of these are skins, guns, cars, and specific skills.

Cloud City is an extensive gaming metaverse with a lot of possibilities. The various games & game modes make it an interesting platform for any kind of gamer, and the earning possibilities by playing or utilizing NFTs are diverse. We are happy to be supporting the Cloud City Metaverse and help the platform before, during and after launching!
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