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Partnership: Cronos World x BCA investments

Partnership: Cronos World x BCA investments
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Cronos World is an all-in-one platform for the Cronos Ecosystem!

Sidechains are important extensions to the parent blockchain (mainchain), and act as a way to enhance capabilities of blockchains & experiment and innovate to improve existing protocols. Cronos is a sidechain to the (one of the biggest global cryptocurrency exchanges) Chain. Cronos World is a platform that contributes to the widespread adoption of the Cronos chain. Learn more about this project in this article.

BCAi x Cronos World

First and foremost, we are excited to have partnered up with Cronos World. It is the first all-in-one platform for Cronos, and comes with a lot of features that serve multiple purposes on the Cronos network.

The team has an exciting vision of being the one-stop destination for everything to do with Cronos. This project has real utility and is unique in its kind. That’s why BCAi is a proud partner of Cronos World!

Three main Cronos World features

The Cronos World platform is significant for the adoption of the Cronos ecosystem. The platform has three main features, which we will describe below.

Cronos World DEX

  1. Crown-DEX – Decentralized Exchange: The flagship product of Cronos World is Cronos DEX, a simple, easy to use cryptocurrency exchange. It focuses on simplicity and scalability, and is designed to be fast, safe & lightweight. Transaction fees will be paid with CRO tokens. The DEX benefits from the scalability and speed of the Cronos chain, and uses it for its own secure and decentralized platform.
  2. Crown-Pad – Launchpad: With the Cronos World launchpad, quality blockchain projects on the Cronos chain have a way to thrive. The launchpad provides funding, development resources, strategy advice, technology and more to help projects achieve success. The Crown-Pad will also act as an incubator for blockchain projects.
  3. Crown NFT Marketplace: The third main product is the Cronos World NFT Marketplace. Artists and collectors can use the marketplace to mint, buy and sell NFTs on the Cronos chain with cheap & fast gas. This marketplace has its own private NFT community, and Also, Cronos World will offer its own NFT collections, which come with added benefits to the ecosystem. The NFTs within these collections have to be earned by completing tasks and winning challenges.

Cronos World NFTs
Cronos World NFTs

Platform developments

While the above products are the flagships of this platform, they will soon be followed by further developments. The team will continue to launch new products that match the interest of the community, and add both value & potential for growth.

CRO tokens

CRO tokens are designed to serve the fuel for the Cronos World platform, as well as the / Cronos chain. CRO has multiple use cases:

  • Transactions on Cronos World
  • Access to staking pools for rewards
  • Access to farming for rewards
  • Earning APY

Cronos World is a high-utility all-in-one platform for the Cronos ecosystem. BCAi looks forward to working together with this project and helping it during its development!
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