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Partnership: CryptoMonkey Empire x BCA investments

Partnership: CryptoMonkey Empire x BCA investments
crypto-monkey-empire CryptoMonkey Empire is a MMORTS (Massive multiplayer online real-time strategy) game revolving around monkeys! The gaming market keeps growing as we continuously see interesting and promising projects developing. One of those is CryptoMonkey Empire. In this article, we’ll provide some more insight into our partnership and this project itself.

CryptoMonkey Empire x BCA investments

For gaming projects, it is important to make a game fun to play. A lot of projects are launching, so there are real benefits to creating actual fun gaming experiences. CryptoMonkey Empire is an exciting game built on the AAA-level Unreal Engine 4 (and will be ported to Unreal Engine 5). BCAi is pleased to be able to support this game by investing and offering help when it comes to marketing distribution & growth!

What is this game about?

CryptoMonkey In the game, players can build their empire, create an ape army and loot. In a few bullet points, we describe what CryptoMonkey Empire is about below.
  • It’s a MMORTS game. Another popular game often described as a MMORTS is Clash of Clans.
  • The game is both PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment).
  • P2E is involved by attacking enemy villages and looting their tokens.
  • CryptoMonkey Empire is cross-playable between desktop and mobile devices.
  • The game is built with Unreal Engine, just like AAA-level games in the gaming industry.
A significant part of this project is that the game is fun to play and easy to understand. In addition, it’s accessible to everyone, as everyone should be able to enjoy gaming.


CryptoMonkey Empire This game’s cryptocurrency and in-game resource is called MonkeyCoin. By building an empire and army, players can fight other players and loot their MonkeyCoin. The coin’s price will be freely determined by the market, and can be sold to earn. The mining of MonkeyCoin is only possible by using ‘MonkeyCoin Mine up’ and running in your in-game city. By spending resources and upgrading to the next tier, players can earn more MonkeyCoin.


Another way to earn and progress is with BluePrints (BPs). These are NFTs (in-game items) generated by the MonkeyResearch Center. People can either exchange / sell these NFTs and earn, or learn a new technology within the game. A few examples of such technologies, are:
  • Special weapons for specific soldiers
  • Incendiary ammunition
  • The ability to spy on enemies

We really like the gameplay idea and ability to earn by playing in CryptoMonkey Empire. The game is already playable on Android by downloading the Pre-alpha! Soon, the game will also launch on iOs, Mac, Windows, and Linux.
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