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Partnership: DEFIYIELD x BCA investments

Partnership: DEFIYIELD x BCA investments
defiyield With DEFIYIELD, people can manage their digital assets with a full suite of innovative tools.

While decentralized finance is an established part of the cryptoverse, there are still some risks involved. Some of these risks are malicious functions, vulnerabilities in code and hacks & exploits. DEFIYIELD provides a secure way of accessing DeFi. More about this project and our partnership can be read below.

BCA investments x DEFIYIELD

Safety is one of the most, if not the most, important part of digital finance. DEFIYIELD offers a selection of protection tools, with the goal of keeping their users safe when accessing DeFi. The platform also alerts users of potential risks to their portfolio.

DEFIYIELD combines the above with a complete DeFi management toolset in a user-friendly dashboard.

BCAi is happy to work together with DEFIYIELD & invest, support and provide advice with the goal of helping the project grow and reach its potentials.

DEFIYIELD: Main solutions

The platform allows users to manage their digital assets with a variety of innovative tools. DEFIYIELD offers two main solutions:

  1. Asset Management Dashboard: Using the dashboard, people can view their portfolio, obtain personalized risk assessments, and access all DeFi products in one place, including: Investing, SWAP DEX, Staking opportunities, Trading, Lending & Borrowing and more.
  2. Security Toolkit: DEFIYIELD is a safe place to manage your assets. The protection toolkit includes the detection of potential risks & hacks with DeFi projects and a database of known DeFi hacks.

The above doesn’t include all functionalities within the platform. There are also tools for Pools, Transactions, Approvals & more. This makes DEFIYIELD a complete DeFi management platform.

DEFIYIELD Asset Management
DEFIYIELD Asset Management

The project also offers an audit toolkit with the goal of making DeFi safer for everyone. More about the importance of this can be read below.

Security functionalities

DEFIYIELD emphasizes the importance of safety and security. The platform aims to keep their users safe by offering multiple security functionalities. The protection toolkit contains three main tools:

  • Proprietary Smart Contract Scanning Technology: Identification of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Significant & Automatic Mitigation of DeFi Risks through rapid smart contract audits.
  • Constantly growing Audit & REKT (past and present scam database, with detailed reports) Databases, with over 2500+ audits and 2500+ REKT cases free to use.


DEFIYIELD offers the only tool that provides a complete database of known DeFi hacks.

The DEFIYIELD platform is already live and accessible on their website, The development of the project is still ongoing, with features like Swap integration and improvement of their Database in progress & Approved contracts for Binance and the addition of several pools planned. Stay tuned!
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