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Partnership: Diabolo x BCA investments

Partnership: Diabolo x BCA investments
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Official Announcement: BCAi has partnered up with Diabolo, a crypto social trading ecosystem!

Within investing and trading, both risk management and having a community by your side is of big importance. However, most traders lack in both areas. Diabolo’s ecosystem aims to solve this issue by creating a social-orientated trading platform.

Our partnership with Diabolo

We are very excited to be partnering up with this promising project. Diabolo has a clear and concise mission & solution. The very first version of the platform is live, and the project has already built up a community. Diabolo’s ecosystem provides real utility and a safer experience for a lot of crypto enthusiasts & traders.

BCAi is happy to be supporting Diabolo both financially & strategically, and help the team achieve their mission!

Diabolo explained

The project’s mission is to provide its users with easy access to the best trading strategies in the crypto market. Diabolo is achieving this by:

  • Creating a community full of crypto enthusiasts.
  • Having some of the best traders in the crypto space be part of the community.
  • Creating an easy-to-use platform, accessible and usable by anyone.
  • Offer risk management, certified strategies and learning material to ensure the success of the community.
  • Having a utility token, DCASH, useful for trading fees, NFT creations, staking and more.
  • Creating a scalable ecosystem.


Tools & Services

Within the Diabolo ecosystem, the following main Tools & Services exist:

  • Dtrading: The core of Diabolo’s ecosystem; a system allowing users to replicate activities of experienced traders.
  • Dstaking: A program allowing $DCASH holders to place their tokens in a smart contract and stake them. Users can then withdraw their staking rewards, or turn them into Dtickets.
  • Dtickets: NFTs of varying rarity, offering multiple benefits to their holders, such as discounts on fees and access to Diabolo Trading Academy content. There is also a Dticket Marketplace, in which users can buy and sell Dtickets.
  • DCarewallet: Designed security for platform users.

In addition, there is the Dbridge for token transfers. Also, whitelabeling will be possible for businesses.



For this project, community is the main essence. Diabolo expects to expand its reach through an international ambassador program, which will incentivize users to participate.

Community members, whether they are a beginner or advanced, can join the Trading Academy and learn. The project plans to launch the Trading Desk in the future: a network of virtual trading desks in cities around the world.

Diabolo will also launch trading competitions for the community, as well as organize a yearly community ceremony, rewarding the best traders on the Diabolo ecosystem.

DCASH token

In this article, $DCASH has been mentioned a few times, but what are its exact utilities?

  • Access & Pay fees.
  • Voting right for strategic decisions (Governance).
  • Staking & receiving rewards and fee discounts using the Dstaking protocol.
  • NFT Dtickets mining.

The V1 of the platform is coming soon, after which services like Dtickets and the Trading Academy will launch. Diabolo V2 and V3 are also shown on the roadmap. We are very excited to see Diabolo develop, and are proud to be supporting this efficient & transparent social trading ecosystem!
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