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Partnership: Gamerse x BCA investments

Partnership: Gamerse x BCA investments
gamerse logo BCA investments partners up with Gamerse, the new home for gaming NFT and the metaverse social economy!

Gamerse combines the fastest growing blockchain markets: gaming, NFT’s, and metaverses. Add VR & AR and a strong social platform into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a strong and exciting project. We have recently partnered up with Gamerse and will offer more insights into the partnership and this project in this article.

BCAi and Gamerse

As previously mentioned, this project combines all the most popular blockchain markets into one. In addition, the platform offers solutions to common problems like a lack of social engagement models and no share-to-earn rewards. Social interaction is an important part of Gamerse, as they focus on being the LFG (Looking For Group) platform for the entire NFT gaming industry.

We think the platform Gamerse has built is an important addition to the NFT gaming space. It offers quite some solutions and brings people together. That’s why we are excited to have partnered with Gamerse, and look forward to working together with the team!

What exactly is Gamerse?

Gamerse is a platform that offers cross-chain, cross-domain and cross-verse solutions, in order to unify the fragmented NFT gaming ecosystem.

There are four main features that summarize this project:

  1. Social Platform: By using Gamerse, people are engaged in a fun way, enjoying social interactions around their favorite gaming NFTs.
  2. Aggregated Marketplace: The dedicated, cross-chain compatible NFT marketplace is where all the NFTs are listed for sale. These will be all sorts of gaming NFTs: from skins and in-game assets to land and collectibles.
  3. Looking For Group: Gamerse is the first LFG platform dedicated to NFT gaming and metaverses. Using the platform, people can form groups and enjoy their favorite games while interacting socially.
  4. Share-to-Earn: The team has developed a new social ‘Share-to-Earn’ model. Users can stake $LFG and earn APY based on group activity. The community will also receive early drops, rare gems, exclusive news, and more.
Gamerse Platform

Other important features

Apart from the above-mentioned features, some other important Gamerse features are:

  • MyGamerse: Creating your personal profile, where you can express yourself in a personalized way & add friends and buyers/sellers.
  • Swipe Swap: Gamerse’s ‘Tinder-style’ swipe and match feature allows users to discover new and unique NFTs. It recommends NFTs based on people’s interests.
  • LFG Lottery: By trading the LFG token, people are included in a weekly raffle of a pot of LFG tokens and one chosen rare NFT each week.
  • Avatar ecosystem: Create avatars, enter the metaverse, unlock rare platform avatars and use the avatar marketplace to buy and trade embellishments.

$LFG token

Gamerse LFG LFG is Gamerse’s native token. It’s the governance and utility token, fueling Gamerse’s ecosystem. Not only is it a deflationary token with 50% transaction fee, it also can be used as a social token in the project’s Share-to-Earn program.

The token has the following utilities:

  • Governance
  • Social Token
  • Staking
  • Rewards
  • Discounts on platform
  • Access to auction
  • Escrow System (Swaps)
  • Token burning (transaction fee and minting)

In addition, people receive lottery tickets for the platform’s weekly raffle when they transact using $LFG.

Gamerse’s IDO is very soon, on Thursday the 28th (of October 2021). The launch will happen on GameZone and KCCPad. Then, we can expect the launch of the gaming NFT launchpad in November and the launch of Gamerse v2 in December. Follow our website and socials to stay up-to-date about Gamerse!
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