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Partnership: GameStar Exchange x BCA investments

Partnership: GameStar Exchange x BCA investments
GameStar Exchange logo We have partnered up with GameStar Exchange!

GameStar is the world’s leading decentralized P2P trading platform. The exchange is built on Polkadot and is a revolutionary trading platform that allows P2P (peer to peer) traders to directly connect their wallets to participate in the market. All transactions are hosted in a smart contract and users manage their own private keys for full control of their assets.

Being built on Polkadot, GameStar provides an efficient, safe and profitable platform for all users. The exchange can be used for in-game items, gift cards and NFTs. Below, we will explain more about our partnership with GameStar Exchange.

GameStar and BCAi

The current peer to peer market has some drawbacks, such as centralized custody of assets, high transaction fees and market limitations. Also, the NFT market has problems like high fees and the neglect of gaming, a fast-growing industry. GameStar Exchange offers a solution for all of these & more problems. Since there is a lot of potential in the P2P, gaming and NFT market, and GameStar combines these three in their platform, we believe that GameStar is a promising project. We are excited to work together with the GameStar team and help the platform grow!

An overview of the GameStar Exchange

GameStar NFTs What is GameStar all about? Essentially, GameStar is a decentralized game item, gift card and NFT trading platform built on Polkadot. The platform:

  • Combines gaming, NFTs, DEX, P2P and gift cards;
  • Is decentralized and global, giving full asset custody to the user;
  • Prioritises deployment of BSC, to support cross-chain transactions;
  • Rewards loyal users and discourages fraud.

Why GameStar?

As briefly mentioned before, both the P2P and NFT market have problems to which the GameStar platform offers solutions. These problems are:

Current P2P market
    Transaction fees are high
  • Both market & incentive limitations
  • Poor management
  • A lot of cases of fraud
  • Custody of assets is centralized
Current NFT market
  • High ETH gas fees & limited user accessibility
  • Limited market reach
  • Lack of (token) incentives for users
  • Limited use of the potential of the gaming industry
  • Strict regulations
Since both of these markets (combined with gaming and decentralized exchanges) are growing, GameStar is just the global platform needed to facilitate these markets. The facilitating role means that GameStar is not competing in these markets. Instead, the exchange enhances trading and increases the liquidity of digital assets. Of course, the NFT, P2P, eCommerce and gaming markets are huge (in the billions), which means there is a lot of potential for GameStar Exchange to grow.

GMS token & its advantages

GameStar Exchange logo This project has its own token: GMS. There are a total of 10,000,000,000 GMS tokens. GMS has the following important advantages:

  1. It has international use cases.
  2. Thanks to the incentive system, fraud is discouraged, and loyal users are rewarded.
  3. By using the token, trading fees are reduced by 25%.
  4. GMS provides liquidity for investor & operating funds for companies.
  5. The token can be used as a universal token with other gaming focused platforms.

According to the roadmap, the development of the GameStar DEX will begin in Q1 2022. This will be continued in Q2, and completed in Q3 of 2022. During that time, the platform will grow its users and trading volume. We’re happy to be part of this project’s early stages and help the GameStar team wherever and whenever needed!
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