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Partnership: Hololoot x BCA investments

Partnership: Hololoot x BCA investments
hololoot-logo We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Hololoot, the first AR NFT Generator & Marketplace! The NFT market is exponentially growing, and augmented reality is also a huge trend, with a lot of big companies like Apple and Microsoft investing in it. Hololoot combines NFT’s and AR to create a new niche: allowing people to generate Augmented Reality NFT’s from any 3D model.

BCAi’s partnership with Hololoot

We really like the possibilities offered by Hololoot. The project mixes NFTs, AR, and gaming uniquely, allowing users to create AR NFTs without coding knowledge. There are also possibilities from other projects and companies, by using this technology for marketing or other activities. Everyone will be able to place or hide NFTs all over the world. The NFT and AR markets are big, but combining these two on the level Hololoot does is new, which means this project can grow very quickly. There is no competition offering the same solutions. Hololoot has a lot of potential, and we are happy to work together with them! Read on to find out more about the project.

Hololoot Video AMA

We have hosted a unique Video AMA with Maciej, the COO & Co-founder of Hololoot! The Video AMA covers a lot of important topics regarding this project, such as the problems Hololoot solves, current developments, listings, token utilities, and partnerships. Give the video a watch to find out important details about this project, some of which haven’t been shared before!  

Hololoot in a nutshell

Hololoot footage To summarize this project, Hololoot allows users to:
  • Generate AR NFTs, either from 3D models or by scanning them via Hololoot’s cloud service.
  • Play with AR NFTs in augmented reality, using the project’s AR app.
  • Mint and publish AR NFts, as well as buying and selling them.
  • Share the NFTs with your friends.
Hololoot’s goal is using their augmented reality technology to bring 3D assets from all over the metaverse into reality. Creators are empowered by giving them access to the no-code technology, allowing creators to quickly and easily generate AR NFTs.

Four AR NFT types

Within the Hololoot platform, four types of AR NFTs exist:
  • Classical AR NFTs: This is the standard, common type NFT: any 3D model or scan which is uploaded to the platform.
  • Gaming AR NFTs: These are NFTs made by gamers, for gamers. Hololot’s gaming AR NFTs allow for all types of gaming assets (such as weapons and characters) to be brought into reality.
  • AR NFTs connected to physical objects: The next step is to connect the metaverse and reality directly. It’s an advanced concept, using a QR code, RFID chip or other ways of connecting AR NFTs to physical objects (which are still being researched).
  • Location-based AR NFTs: Finally, the idea is to create a location-based AR NFTs. People would be able to, for example, own a digital copy of a sculpture in a particular city. Others can then interact with it, or even buy it. The possibilities with location-based AR NFTs are endless.
Hololoot screenshot In-app screenshot


Hololoot lootbox Hololoot does not only combine AR and NFTs: gaming is also part of the platform. The project will implement the currently very popular loot box mechanics. Gamification is another way of keeping users engaged and rewarding them. Users will be rewarded with airdrops and in-app rewards. These rewards can be received by completing various in-app missions, like sharing pictures or minting NFTs.

The Hololoot token

Hololoot’s token is an important part of the platform and project. It will be used to create, power and sustain the long term ecosystem for AR NFTs. The token has multiple utilities:
  1. Currency: Hololoot’s AR NFT Marketplace will be powered by their token. It is the Marketplace’s basic currency and will be used as a preferred payment option.
  2. Premium offerings: In order to acquire and promote premium services, the token will be necessary.
  3. Staking for 10+% APY: By staking the Hololoot token, people will receive interest. The APY will be 10+%.
  4. Staking for unique NFTs: It’s also possible to stake Hololoot tokens for a chance to win premium, unique, and limited-supply NFTs.
Hololoot token
Hololoot is certainly an exciting project. By being active in big markets, but having no real competitor in their specific niche, the project has a lot of potential. In Q1 2022, the AR NFT Marketplace and Generator will be launched. We will be looking forward to this and are happy to have partnered up with Hololoot!
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