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Partnership: Infinite Launch x BCA investments

Partnership: Infinite Launch x BCA investments
Logo Infinite Launch We have partnered with Infinite Launch, a cross-chain fundraising platform for tokens & NFTs!

Within their ecosystem, Infinite Launch gives investors the opportunity to meet potential projects and Artists’ NFTs, and gives projects a place to share their ideas. The platform has features such as Multi-Chain Support and Tiers Ranking. In this article, we will give insight into the partnership, explain this fundraising platform and show the video AMA.

BCAi & Infinite Launch

By giving investors a chance to invest in exciting DeFi projects, and giving these projects a platform with a ready ecosystem and enthusiastic community, Infinite Launch proves to be useful in multiple ways.

In addition, some features like ‘Selected Project’ and ‘Tiers Ranking’ make sure that the platform is secure and fair for everyone. BCAi is pleased to partner up with infinite Launch and support the team!

Ask me Anything with Infinite Launch

In order to get to know the team better, and inform our community about the platform, we have hosted a video AMA with Infinite Launch. In this video, Wesley asks important questions to the CMO, Henry. Watch the video AMA below and make sure to subscribe to stay updated!

Platform & Important features

For beginning crypto projects, raising capital is a significant part of development and growth. That’s why Infinite Launch is developed with the mission to create a decentralized and convenient fundraising platform for such projects. And not only that: it also brings these projects directly to their community with investors, which benefits both parties.

The platform will first be available on Binance Smart Chain, after which other chains will come in the future. Apart from supporting Multi-Chain, the following important features exist within the ecosystem:

  • Selected Project: The board will pick Listed Projects to make sure it has real investing potential for community members.
  • Tiers Ranking: Members will be part of a tier. The higher tier someone is in, the more benefits they profit from.
  • Fair and Square: This feature makes sure that everybody has a chance to join (in investing in projects). While a higher tier will have a chance to buy first, everybody has the opportunity to join without gas war.
  • NFT access: By holding the ILA token, people have early access and will be able to mint new NFTs. The platform is also doing monthly NFT drops from promising and leading artists.

Key $ILA utilities

Infinite Launch ILA token The token of Infinite Launch is called $ILA. This token has the following key utilities:

  1. With the token, users can level up tiers and be used in games on the platform to buy items like equipment.
  2. ILA functions as the governance token. Users will be able to vote on decision-making (such as projects to support, features to develop, and more).
  3. The ILA token can be staked to receive reward and access the pools.
  4. ILA can be used for Liquidity Mining. By contributing liquidity to pools, users can receive rewards in the form of $ILA.
  5. By holding ILA, people will be part of the NFT Club Membership and have access to NFT drops from the most famous artists all around the world.

Infinite Launch has already confirmed partnerships with multiple projects. Also, their cross-chain NFT marketplace (with the first exclusive NFT collection called ‘Bony Bastards’ already issued) is now live! We are happy to have partnered up with Infinite Launch and look forward to the platform’s development!
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