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Partnership: IoTeXPad x BCA investments

Partnership: IoTeXPad x BCA investments
IoTeXPad logo We are proud to announce that we have partnered up with IoTeXPad, the first launchpad to be built on IoTeX powering IoTeX projects!

BCAi partners up with the first ever launchpad on IoTeX! This launchpad connects an enthusiastic crypto community with the right IoTeX projects. The platform is fully decentralized and dedicates itself to IoTeX projects. Read on to find out more about IoTeXPad and our partnership!

IoTeXPad x BCA investments

Our main reason to work together with this platform is because it’s the first launchpad for IoTeX projects. IoTeXPad has some important advantages:

✓ Easy Fundraising

✓ Wider Audience

✓ Safe for investors

✓ Focus on development

✓ No bots, no scams

By giving investors safer projects to invest in, and allowing developers to focus more on developing their core idea, IoTeXPad plays an important role for both parties. BCAi is happy to invest in, and work together with, this platform!

How does this launchpad work?

IoTeXPad offers a tiered operating mechanism that offers a guaranteed allocation. It provides a decentralized model for project launches, whilst maintaining high tiered projects. The tiered system eliminates bots and bias behavior. It works with certain staking requirements.

The following tiers exist within IoTeXPad:

  • Bronze: Staking requirement of 2000
  • Silver: Staking requirement of 4000
  • Gold: Staking requirement of 10000
  • Emerald: Staking requirement of 18000
  • VIP: Staking requirement of 30000

The threshold staking requirements for each team varies, as does the allocation received. For the Bronze and Silver tiers, another requirement is to like and retweet on Twitter. This system allows for everyone to get a chance at investing in new, promising projects. IoTeXPad - Launchpad

For investors and projects

This launchpad plays an important role for both enthusiastic investors in the IoTeXPad community, and projects built on IoTeX.

For investors, the launchpad provides more safety. IoTeXPad takes every rug-free and trusted project to their community. People can invest in projects, without risking their funds. As more and more projects are being launched in the crypto space, safety for investors becomes ever more important.

On the other side, the launchpad offers an easy fundraising solution for new projects. IoTeXPad allows projects to fully focus on development. The platform brings the necessary community and takes care of the token sales, while the project can invest its time and efforts into growing.

TEX token

IoTeXPad’s token is named after the launchpad itself: IoTeXPad. The token symbol is TEX, and there is a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Some other important token metrics are the initial market cap of $270.000 and the initial circulating supply of 2.7%. TEX token holders will be incentivized with access to promising projects that are launched in the IoTeX network.
We are happy to be working together with the first ever launchpad on IoTeX! Recently, IoTeXPad confirmed (on Twitter) that the platform is set to be launched & tested very soon. BCAi is looking forward to the launch and is ready to give IoTeXPad support whenever necessary!
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