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Partnership: LitCraft x BCA investments

Partnership: LitCraft x BCA investments
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LitCraft is a Blockchain gaming platform with a Metaverse ecosystem!

Blockchain games and GameFi can really thrive when they’re part of a bigger ecosystem. Within LitCraft, multiple high quality games will co-exist and support each other, as they are part of the LitCraft metaverse. Find out more in this article!

BCA investments x LitCraft

We are always on the search for valuable projects, and LitCraft is one of them. Our reasons for partnering up with them include:

  • The quality (AAA) of the games within the LitCraft metaverse.
  • The team’s strong experience and network in the gaming world.
  • The huge possibilities in all kinds of genres: from FPS and racing to action and sports.
  • The strong tokenomics for the first game, in which a big part (68%) of the tokens is allocated to Game Acquisitions, licensing & content, and the project’s ecosystem.

We had good talks with the team, and we are happy to be working together with LitCraft!

How does the LitCraft universe look like?

LitCraft is a blockchain gaming metaverse ecosystem: anyone can join, explore, play, and earn. Within the ecosystem, the project will include AAA games. This is an essential part of the ecosystem that the team wants to bring, as they see a lack of current high quality games within the blockchain gaming space.

All of the above is built on DevvX, a blockchain that prioritizes speed, scalability, integration, and cost-effectiveness.


The ecosystem has three main components:

  1. The importance of game quality & the integration of AAA games.
  2. The acquisition of game rights by the team using expertise from past business.
  3. Every new game adds value to the ecosystem. All assets from all games will be part of the LitCraft Metaverse, and assets will be shared between games.

First game: Nysperience

The first game launched on LitCraft / Devvx: Nysperience! This is a Play 2 Earn game, in which ‘Minecraft meets Pokémon meets Candy Crush’. There is no blockchain knowledge needed to play!

Nysperience’s gameplay ranges from casual, to PvP, to pure business creation. Some exciting gameplay features are:

LitCraft Nysperience

  • Crafting items by playing fun & casual mini-games.
  • Crafting LitPets and participating in PvP.
  • The wide variety of mobile gameplay.
  • P2E possibilities: sell crafted LitPets, engage in PvP battles, and/or build a profitable business & get rewarded.
  • Making LitPet teams competitive and business profitable with valuable & unique NFTs.

Quint token

This game’s token is called ‘Quint’. The token is Nysperience’s game currency, but will also be utilized in the entire LitCraft metaverse, and will even have real-world media crossovers. Most of the Quint token will be used for expanding games and content in the LitCraft Universe. For holders, it’s possible to stake Quint to get rewarded.
We are happy to be partners of LitCraft, and certainly very excited about the development of the first title, Nysperience (of which the beta version is already playable on PC and Mac!). The LitCraft ecosystem and universe has a lot of potential, and BCAi is proud to be supporting its growth!
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