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Partnership: Mintlayer x BCA investments

Partnership: Mintlayer x BCA investments
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Announcement: BCAi and Mintlayer are official partners!

Mintlayer is a blockchain for financial markets, built on Bitcoin. The main blockchain for the DeFi ecosystem currently is Ethereum. By building a DeFi architecture solution on Bitcoin, Mintlayer offers future-proof sustainability and long-term plans for scalability. Read on to find out more about this platform.

Mintlayer and BCAi

While DeFi is mostly built on other blockchains, such as Ethereum and recently Solana, Mintlayer stands out by being one of the few sustainable architectures for DeFi integration on Bitcoin. The platform offers a variety of features to ensure security, privacy, scalability and interoperability, all while serving decentralized financial markets.

BCAi is proud to be partners of Mintlayer! This ‘Bitcoin DeFi’ platform has important utilities, of which you can read more about below.

Mintlayer: Main features

The platform has 6 main features:

  1. Reducing frictions: Long-term scalability for low fees and fast transactions, fees can be paid in any supported token, access control list for better security, and programmable pools.
  2. Increasing interoperability: Aggregated payments and multi-token transfers support, easy token porting, peg-in/out for wrapped tokens & cross-chain swaps.
  3. Enhancing decentralization: Anyone can run nodes with minimal hardware requirements. The validation time has Bitcoin-like speed, and each node communicates with peers to perform atomic swap transactions. This enables a fully decentralized exchange.
  4. Enabling privacy: Tokens support Confidential Transactions, and blockchain analysis & transaction traceability on Mintlayer is a hard task.
  5. Deliver scalability: Smaller transaction size & minimized transfer fees. The Lightning Network technology guarantees scalability of tokenized assets.
  6. Providing security: DSA (Dynamic Slot Allotment) is Mintlayer’s refined model based on Proof-of-Stake. It provides economic incentives for users maintaining the network. Also, the architecture of a Bitcoin sidechain allows any network participant to enforce checkpoints on the Bitcoin blockchain. Smart contracts on Mintlayer reduce contract failure risk.

Financial Use Cases

Mintlayer is built for various Financial Use Cases:

  • Tokenization: Easy token creation & management, Programmable pools, Optional Confidential Transactions for each issued token & more.
  • DeFi and DEX: Management wallet for pretty much every DeFi product: Assets, lending, borrowing, staking and trading. Anyone can use & verify pricing, identity, weather and other data thanks to Oracle support.
  • Payments and Settlements: Every cryptocurrency can exist on the single network thanks to Two-way pegging and transactions will be cheaper & faster.

MLT Token

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Mintlayer’s token, MLT, has three main utilities:

  1. Staking: Anyone can stake MLT & participate in a recurring auction to become a blocksigner and collect transaction fees and rewards from blocks.
  2. Community Engagement: By holding the token, people can participate in the decision-making by expressing opinions on the development of Mintlayer.
  3. Ecosystem tools: By using MLT, platform users can cover the fees for network transactions and exclusive services & products within the protocol.

Mintlayer is a future-proof blockchain and provides important utilities by bringing decentralized financial markets to Bitcoin. The Mainnet is expected to launch in the first months of 2022, after which we can expect the DSA Consensus System Upgrade in Q2 2022 and the Native Tokenization System & Programmable Pools and smart contracts in Q3 2022. We are excited about the future of Mintlayer and are happy to be supporting this project!
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