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Partnership: Operon Origins x BCA investments

Partnership: Operon Origins x BCA investments
Logo Operon Origins We are excited to announce that we are official partners of Operon Origins, the first ever NFT combat card game!

Within blockchain gaming, GameFi & NFT gaming, card games are on the rise. However, Operon Origins is the first ever NFT game that combines combat & cards in a visually pleasing way. Find out more about this blockchain game, as well as the partnership, in this article.

BCAi x Operon Origins

There are multiple reasons for our decision to partner with this game and support the team:

  • The art style is cool and unique.
  • The game studio behind the game, Juego Gaming Studio, is partnered with clients like Disney, Fox, Amazon & Puma.
  • There are multiple ways of earning for players and the ‘Play more, earn more’ concept is integrated, incentivizing gamers to keep playing.
  • Within the game, there exists a NFT Metaverse and Marketplace.
  • Everything (from backstory to art) is developed from scratch, and there is a clear and transparent roadmap (which is also displayed on their website).

Because of all of the above and more, we are happy to be investing in, and providing support to Operon Origins!

What kind of game is Operon Origins?

Operon Origins is a GameFi NFT collectable card game. It introduces accessible & challenging gameplay surrounding quality NFTs. The NFTs can be used to battle with other players.

The game can also be seen as a metaverse: the Operon Metaverse. Multiplayer is integrated and there are more than 250 chapters to play. With the Play to Earn mechanism, players get rewarded for their time and effort. Also, the game has its own NFT marketplace, where visually astonishing NFTs can be bought and sold.

Operon Game

In the story of the game, the goal for every Operon (genetically modified superhumans with inhuman destructive power) is to become the ruler of the Operon Metaverse. This is a chaotic environment, with Operons battling for prestige and supremacy.

Game trailer

The team has released a game trailer, which we are happy to share with you. Have a look to understand what Operon Origins is all about!

ORO & zORO tokens

Operon Operon Origins has two tokens: ORO and zORO.

The Operon Origins token (ORO) is the native utility token of the ecosystem. This token will be available on both centralized and decentralized exchanges & can be traded. For the first 5,000 NFTs, ORO tokens will be used to purchase NFTs. Afterwards, zORO tokens are used for NFT buying. ORO can also be staked.

zORO are non-tradeable tokens. They can be obtained by:

  1. Staking ORO, and / or;
  2. Play the game.

The utility of these zORO tokens is the ability to buy NFTs.

This NFT combat card game looks fantastic and has unique art. Currently, the team is working on things like a working prototype and staking. The Alpha / Beta stage of the game can be expected in Q1 2022. In the second quarter of 2022, we can expect the NFT Marketplace, the V1 of the game, and new characters to launch. We are looking forward to the launch of the game. Stay tuned!
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