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Partnership: Partisia Blockchain x BCA investments

Partnership: Partisia Blockchain x BCA investments
partisia blockchain

We are happy to announce that we have joined forces with Partisia, a Layer 1 Zero-Knowledge blockchain!

As the first ever blockchain protocol that supports both public and private transactions, completely on-chain and decentralized, Partisia uses MPC (multiparty computation) for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed. In this article, you’ll learn more about our partnership and the Partisia Blockchain itself.

BCAi x Partisia

The Partisia Blockchain is unique, and offers exclusive solutions. It is the pioneer of using multiparty computation as a cross-chain solution. With a team that represents word-leading cryptographers and pioneers within the commercial use of ZK computations, there is a lot of relevant experience and knowledge.

BCA investments is proud to be partnering up with this unique blockchain protocol!

What exactly is Partisia Blockchain?

Partisia is a web 3.0 blockchain built with MPC. As a layer 1 blockchain, it aims to ‘solve the blockchain trilemma’ by building for privacy, trust, transparency, and speed.

Partisia Blockchain

The mission is to establish a web 3.0 infrastructure with no single point of trust for generic coordination of public and private information, which can be used by all applications across all platforms.

Partisia has been developing custom ZK computation systems (with multiparty computation) since 2008. With Zero-Knowledge computation, a modern cryptographic solution that enables computation on unknown data, decentralized privacy and confidentiality is added to blockchains with no single point of trust. Since 2008, ZK computation has been developed and even now, the Partisia Blockchain team is continuously designing and customizing ZK computation systems for security and performance optimizations.

MPC Token

Partisia Staking The MPC token is used for two important things:

  1. Staking
  2. Incentivizing the Partisia Blockchain computation nodes.
The main functional use of MPC tokens is staking, a core part of Partisia Blockchain. Staking functions as a barrier for operating a node, and is a monetary guarantee or liability towards Partisia Blockchain users.

Bring Your Own Coin

Partisia - BYOC

With BYOC (Bring Your Own Coin), users can pay for services with any liquid cryptocurrency via inter-chain payments. This can be done thanks to the seamless integration with other blockchains.

When a user with a certain private wallet, for example BTC, creates an account on Partisia Blockchain, that user can choose ‘Bring Your Own Coin’ with BTC. By doing this, that user automatically gets a new private BTC wallet managed by the Partisia Blockchain oracle and node operators.

This new private wallet would then be called a ‘MPC-BTC wallet’. The wallet can only be managed by the user through the Partisia Blockchain, or automatically by the smart contracts that make up the cross chain account.
Node operators are required to stake MPC tokens to operate a node and to participate in incentive schemes that reward BYOC and punish collusive behavior.

The Partisia Blockchain is unique and uses ZK computation (multiparty computation) to achieve privacy, interoperability, and scalability combined with low fees, sustainability and fast speed. We are very excited for further developments, and we are delighted to be partners of Partisia Blockchain!
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