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Partnership: SIDUS HEROES x BCA investments

Partnership: SIDUS HEROES x BCA investments
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We are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with SIDUS HEROES, a futuristic, Play To Earn, NFT MMORPG game based on blockchain philosophy!

GameFi projects are currently changing the crypto & blockchain space. There is an extreme amount of interest in blockchain gaming. Today, we are happy to let you know that we’ve partnered up with one of the most promising NFT metaverse gaming projects out there: SIDUS.


As mentioned above, there is a lot of excitement around SIDUS Heroes. The game combines the metaverse experience with NFTs, P2E and amazing graphics & gameplay, while also including important DeFi products such as farming, staking, a marketplace and more.

Behind SIDUS, there is a big, experienced team working on this AAA-level MMORPG game. The team consists of skilled blockchain developers with years of experience in DeFi and NFT. Also, many team members come from the game development industry.

BCAi is happy to be supporting SIDUS HEROES on their journey!

Introducing SIDUS

The game transports players to a technologically advanced crypto & blockchain world, which is inhabited by 12 tech-based races representing different blockchains. While trying out roles like fighter, leaders, farmers and political leaders, players travel through the universe and advance through the game. SIDUS HEROES is NFT-oriented and NFT objects are a key aspect of the game.


Here are some of the things players can do on the game:

  • Seek adventures: Build and equip a spaceship and go on intergalactic missions.
  • Fight as one: Build legions, unite Heroes from different backgrounds, train & rise together using the multiplayer feature.
  • Build infrastructure: be the maker in a world of chaos. Farm resources and develop an own corner of the universe.
  • Defend interests: Participate in the political life of the universe.
  • Craft & trade: Exchange & trade in-game items.
  • Explore the metaverse: Travel through the universe, visit different blockchain star systems & get to know their culture.

That’s a lot, but certainly not all! SIDUS is a true gaming metaverse with a big variety of features and possibilities.

Official game trailer

Just yesterday, the SIDUS team released the official game trailer. In our opinion, one of the best (if not the best) crypto game trailers to date. Have a look:

Gaming & Governance tokens

SIDUS HEROES uses two currencies to create all economic processes and the voting system: SIDUS (Gaming token) & SENATE (DAO / Governance).

There are a total of SIDUS tokens and a total of 300,000,000 SENATE tokens. The purchase and sale of SIDUS NFT content is only possible with these tokens. With SENATE, various plots of land or modular parts can be bought and sold.

Platform features


In addition to the gameplay itself, SIDUS will have various platform features. This includes:

  • A marketplace with unique NFT items
  • The SIDUS Academy
  • DeFi products such as Farming and Staking

The Demo / Pre-Alpha v0.1 version of the game is already playable on the website, We can expect the launch of a lot of things in these coming months: the game & DAO token release, the launch of the Marketplace & Farming pools, scenario & plot development, and more. Stay tuned and make sure to follow our socials to stay updated about this amazing blockchain game!
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