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Partnership: Synergy Land x BCA investments

Partnership: Synergy Land x BCA investments
Synergy Land Logo BCAi is happy to announce its partnership with Synergy Land, an ARPG Blockchain game built on Solana!

Within the Solana blockchain, the launch of gaming projects continues to grow. One of these exciting projects is Synergy Land, a blockchain multiplayer ARPG game. In this article, we describe our partnership with the project, and touch upon things like game features and P2E.

Our partnership with Synergy Land

Synergy Land stands out by combining ARPG, Play to Earn, NFTs into one exciting and visually pleasing game. This project is well worked out with strong tokenomics & a good game economy. Additionally, being built on Solana, transactions will be done almost instantly.

The game is created by Synergy Studio, a fresh game studio established by professionals in the video game industry, with more than 15 years of experience. They have worked together with huge companies such as Nintendo, Riot Games, Konami, Ubsioft and more. The team brings a lot of experience into the blockchain gaming & GameFi space, and we are proud to be supporting them in this process!

Main game features

Synergy Land NFTs Below, some of the best features of the game are described:

  • Fully immersive 3D ARPG
  • Wide variety of classes & customizations
  • PvP events & Corresponding rewards
  • Captivating dungeons, which can be entered for a chance to get powerful NFTs
  • Collect and breed pets & Battle with them to earn NFTs
  • Complete Dungeon puzzles for rewards

This is only part of all the Synergy Land features! There is even more to play for, making it an immersive game. As a player, you get to Create, Customize, Explore, Discover, Fight. Getting bored is not an option!

Synergy Land in-game
First in-game image of Synergy Land

NFTs & P2E in Synergy Land

NFTs are very popular in blockchain gaming, and they are also a part of Synergy Land. The NFTs in the game include:

  • Characters
  • Bosses
  • Pets
  • Equipment
  • Crafting Blueprints & Station Blueprints
  • Furnitures

Synergy Land

Even though Synergy Land is a blockchain game, they emphasize that no prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies is needed to play. Everyone should be able to start, play and earn. That’s why the Play to Earn model is integrated. This is an important part of the game. Some ways to earn have already been described above: Completing Dungeon puzzles, Battling with bred pets & Participating in PvP events. This gives users a variety of ways to enjoy Synergy Land and earn at the same time.

Synergy Land is undoubtedly a very promising blockchain game. Currently, the team is primarily working on finishing designs, the integration of NFTs, and the development of multiple systems (such as the Dungeon, Inventory, and Loot systems). The Alpha release for PC is expected to launch in Q1 / Q2 2022, while the Beta PC release will launch in Q3 2022.

BCAi is happy to be working together with this project and team, and we are excited about the development of the game!

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