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Partnership: Tank Wars Zone x BCA investments

Partnership: Tank Wars Zone x BCA investments
Tank Wars Zone Logo

Tank Wars Zone is a fully decentralized Play 2 Earn Battle game based on tanks!

In gaming, for a lot of people, gameplay has to be fun, pretty exciting, and affordable. With crypto gaming, the ability to earn joins that list. Tank Wars Zone ticks all the above boxes. Learn more about (our partnership with) Tank Wars Zone in this article!

Tank Wars Zone x BCAi

We like Tank Wars Zone because of the fun gameplay, along with the vision behind the game: low-cost entry barriers, allowing everyone to join, no matter where you are from. The importance is that players don’t need to spend a lot of money to win and earn. The game is being developed by a team with extensive experience in Game Design.

We are proud to be working together with Tank Wars Zone and are happy to be supporting them in areas such as marketing & business growth!

Our Video AMA with Tank Wars Zone

We hosted a Video AMA with Tank Wars Zone. In the AMA, we discussed a lot of topics, such as: the decision to start as a web browser based game, the tokens, and the game economy. Check it out!

The Gameplay in a nutshell

Tanks in Tank Wars Zone

Below, we explain the gameplay in a nutshell:

  • 7 classes of tanks with different rarity types (from 1 to 5 starts).
  • Each tank has its own driver and comes with its health, speed, attack power and armor preset by rank. The higher the rank, the stronger the tank!
  • Each player has their own base and battleground, which they can use for farming up levels and earning tokens (to upgrade tank weapons, armors & more).
  • Tanks and tank equipment from the game are NFTs. These can be staked or traded on the game’s own marketplace.

First PvE 1v1 Gameplay release

Below, we have added a video containing the first version of PvE 1v1 gameplay, which the Tank Wars Zone team shared on YouTube. Have a look!

PvE and P2P

Both PvE (Player versus Environment) and P2P (Player versus Player) are included within the game.

PvE gameplay adopts a control-free turn-based battle system with three types of battlegrounds: 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Within PvE, ‘World Boss’ is included. This brings a better gaming experience to players, as they can participate in battling game bosses and earn better rewards.

PvP battles are always 3v3. There is a ranked matching system that ensures fair and fun gameplay. Players earn experience, tokens, and ranking points for winning matches. Battle mechanics will include Puzzle Solving, FPS (First Person Shooter), and Rock-Paper-Scissors. Other gameplay modes will be Guild Wars, Tank Championship, and Battle Royale.

Tank Wars Zone Artwork


The in-game token is called $TGOLD. It can be earned by playing (for example, winning in the PvP Battle Royale mode or participating in the PvE World Boss mode), farming & trading NFTs. TGOLD has significant use cases, such as:

  • Repairing damaged tanks, which is mandatory to be able to battle again.
  • TGOLD can be used to bet in the Challenge Me Mode.
  • Holding TGOLD is needed to create custom designs for items, mint them as NFTs and then sell them.
  • TGOLD will be used to buy equipment.

The War Bond token, $WBOND, is the utility token for voting, staking, NFTs, trading tokens, equipment, and booster fluids.

NFTs in Tank Wars Zone

In total, there are 10,000 available Tank Cards. These are NFTs that can be redeemed for Tanks after the game launches. Within Tank Wars Zone, all tanks and their equipment (drivers, weapons, armors, and more) are NFTs, which players can stake and trade in the marketplace.
Tank Wars Zone is a fun, engaging game with a lot of gameplay possibilities and various ways of earning. We are certainly excited about the development of Tank Wars Zone and are proud to be supporting the growth of the game!
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