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Partnership: The Killbox Game x BCA investments

Partnership: The Killbox Game x BCA investments
The Killbox Game Logo BCA investments and The Killbox Game are official partners!

GameFi is hot! We are excited to announce that BCAi and The Killbox Game, a next-generation 3D blockchain P2E (Play To Earn) game, have partnered up. In this article, we will shine light on the partnership and this GameFi project itself.

Our partnership with The Killbox

We invested in this game for several reasons:

  • The project combines blockchain, Play To Earn, NFT and Action together to create an amazing game
  • There is already a lot of demand and hype around The Killbox
  • The project has strong partners and investors
  • It’s a top level game which is still developing

The great graphics and the current excitement around blockchain gaming, combined with the above reasons, has led to us partnering up with The Killbox Game. We have invested in the project and will also provide support (for example, with marketing and growth). The Killbox Game Features

What is The Killbox?

In short, The Killbox can be described as a high level PvP team game with its own in-game assets and NFTs. It’s a first person shooter, accessible to everyone.

Some exciting game features are:

  • Arena combat with VR component
  • Various exciting game modes, such as Head to Head, Sniper Mode and Run ‘N’ Gun Mode.
  • Wide variety of elite competitions with awesome rewards
  • Tactical movement system with console-like shooting experience
  • Immersive real-time FPS action
The Killbox Game

Multiplayer gameplay & eSports

The multiplayer gameplay lets you work together with friends to fight and defeat enemies in Team Mode. Did your teammates get eliminated? Then they have become your ‘living dead enemy’.
eSports is also part of this game. Important features of The Killbox as an eSports game is that the matches are fair (no upgrading systems available for guns), and that every day, there are open matches for everyone.

TKB Token & NFTs

The game has its own token, called TKB. By owning TKB, people can:

  1. Obtain a limited number of chests equipped with rare weapons set. These have exclusive special effects in battles.
  2. Get better weapons than the ones they already have.
  3. Obtain dividends according to the number of pledged tokens.

Within the game, there are also NFT assets. Using TKB, players can upgrade their NFT weapons in the following ways:

The Killbox NFT

  • Armory upgrade
  • Equipment repair
  • Trade of items
  • Equipment synthesis
  • To open chests
  • Trade of land

This game has also included the fast-growing metaverse concept by allowing players to trade and lease land, as well as create their own weapons, maps, modes & characters. And, according to the roadmap, the metaverse system will be improved in January 2022. Right now, The Killbox Game is already playable on Android and already has over 100,000 downloads on the Play Store. Try it out and follow us for future updates on this amazing game!
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