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Partnership: Zomfi x BCA investments

Partnership: Zomfi x BCA investments
Logo Zomfi We are excited to announce our partnership with the amazing P2E Blockchain zombie game Zomfi!

With a lot of blockchain games launching the past year, it was only right that a great Zombie crypto game would find its way into the mix. Zomfi is a zombie shooter game that definitely fits that description. You’ll find more information about Zomfi in this article.

BCA investments & Zomfi

We are happy to show our support to this project by investing in it and providing marketing support. Zomfi has cool (3D) gameplay, fun graphics, and allows players to earn rewards & use the marketplace. Many gamers are already interested in playing it, and BCAi is happy to help this project grow!

Zomfi x BCAi Meme Contest

We hosted a meme contest with Zomfi recently. This has led to the birth of some hilarious Zomfi memes. Here are a couple of them:

Zomfi meme 1 Zomfi meme 2

The contest was a lot of fun, and we want to thank everyone who participated! By following us on Twitter and joining our Telegram, you will be part of the BCAi family & you will know about future contests immediately!

What is this blockchain game about?

Generic-Zombie By now, you’ve probably figured out that the game revolves around zombies. Zomfi is an action shooter game. In a true ‘zombie apocalypse’ setting, players have to collect gear and fight off zombies.

Check out this pre-alpha gameplay picture: zomfi-ingame

Zomfi Game Features

Below, we have listed some of the features that define Zomfi:

  • Shoot, Scavenge & Survive in this action shooter game.
  • Search for rare and valuable NFTs
  • Use NFT weapons, such as a handgun, shotgun, or AR.
  • Upgrade your character as you progress the game.
  • Use the free in-game marketplace to interact with other players and sell / buy items like armors and weapons.

In addition to the above, the game has awesome features like Crafting and Boss battles.

Zomfi Gameplay video

The Zomfi team has shared some footage of the (pre-alpha) gameplay on their YouTube channel. In the video below, a Common and Legendary Weapon is compared. Make sure to give the video a watch & subscribe to their channel!

The $ZOMFI token

Zomfi token $ZOMFI is the core utility & reward token of this project. By buying $ZOMFI, people can play the game. This is, of course, an important utility. Other $ZOMFI token elements are:

  • Participation in in-game governance, contribution to feature selection and removal, and receive rewards for doing the above.
  • Access to the game ecosystem with all of its features and functionalities, including exclusive events and tournaments.
  • The token can be used as an in-game currency for exclusive and unique Zomfi NFTs like weapons and armor.
  • Staking tokens and being rewarded for doing so.
  • $ZOMFI can be used to purchase the internal only (limited to the game) reward tokens called ZEDS.

Zomfi is a cool-looking game and first of its kind by combining the zombie apocalypse genre with blockchain gaming. The project is still in an early phase, so we are excited to see it develop, and will gladly support the project. Let’s get this zombie party started!
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