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SIDUS announces the SIDUS ACADEMY Pre-sale

SIDUS announces the SIDUS ACADEMY Pre-sale
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Our partner SIDUS, one of the most promising blockchain & NFT gaming projects to date, starts 2022 with an exciting announcement: The SIDUS ACADEMY (NFT collection) pre-sale is about to begin! If you want to be part of the origins of SIDUS and secure yourself a spot in the beta, this is your chance. Find out all about the pre-sale in this article!

This is what you need to know about the SIDUS ACADEMY Pre-sale

Below, we’ve listed the most important details about the upcoming pre-sale.

  • The pre-sale is on January the 6th, 2022 at 3:00 UTC.
  • The event (pre-sale) takes place on the SIDUS website:
  • SIDUS ACADEMY is one of three of the SIDUS NFT collections. This particular collection serves as a ticket to the gaming metaverse.
  • These Academy NFTs can only be bought with SIDUS tokens: make sure you have these in your wallet. There are three rarity levels, with each a specific cost in SIDUS tokens (this is explained in more detail under ‘About SIDUS ACADEMY’).
  • The pre-sale will last only 15 hours, and the number of NFTs is limited. Keep this in mind if you’re interested in participating & buying.
  • SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs will be available to the general public.
  • During the pre-sale, a maximum of 5 Academy NFTs can be purchased per 1 wallet.


If you want to be part of the first SIDUS NFT holders and join the beta (which will release in January), the above is what you need to know about the upcoming pre-sale! Below, we will touch upon SIDUS Academy NFTs.


As mentioned above, the SIDUS ecosystem has three NFT collections: SIDUS NFT HEROES, SIDUS ACADEMY and SIDUS GENESIS. What are the ACADEMY NFTs exactly?

  • The ACADEMY NFTs are a set of NFTs that will transform into playable characters.
  • By owning these NFTs, you have secured access to (earning within) the game.
  • The ACADEMY NFTs have three rarity levels: Common (Cost: 700 $SIDUS), Epic (Cost: 14,000 $SIDUS), and Legendary (Cost: 140,000 $SIDUS).

Which rarity level you purchase is important, because of the in-game utilities. The below image shows the three rarity levels and the corresponding utilities.


Building Teams & Merging Features

In terms of in-game fighting mechanics: all Heroes (playable characters) are equal. This leads to fair gameplay and equal chances. Your skill determines the outcome. However, when it comes to other game aspects (economically, politically and socially), there are definitely differences. These differences are based on backgrounds.

This is why it’s important to build teams & merge features. SIDUS ACADEMY & SIDUS GENESIS Heroes together create the perfect synergy. Players can combine Heroes of various rarity levels and backgrounds into one team to improve gameplay experience and progress successfully.


In December, we announced our partnership with SIDUS. We are proud to be partners of such a high potential blockchain gaming project. In our article announcing our partnership with SIDUS, we explain more about the game, as well as the $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens. Definitely read the above-mentioned article for more information!
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