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Crypto Spotify Podcast Launch by BCA investments

Crypto Spotify Podcast Launch by BCA investments
We are excited to announce that BCAi is now on Spotify! That means that, apart from watching our crypto & blockchain video AMA’s on YouTube, you can now also listen to them audio only. This way, we can reach more people and offer our community various ways to enjoy our AMA’s with crypto projects.

Following our Spotify Podcast account

Following us and listening to our Spotify Podcasts is easy! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the following Spotify icon to open Spotify. You will be automatically sent to the BCA investments Spotify account: Spotify
  2. Click on ‘Follow’, which is usually seen on the upper left side of the screen (both on mobile and desktop).
  3. Now you are following us! Click on any of the available episodes to directly listen to and enjoy our awesome AMA’s.

Don’t forget that on mobile, you can click the bell to the right of the Follow button to receive notifications when we upload a new episode. Also give our account a rating after having listened for the first time!

Why are we on Spotify?

In order to reach as many people as possible and give blockchain enthusiasts various ways to listen to crypto-related topics, we have decided to join ‘Spotify for Podcasters’. People are not always able to actually watch something visually. For example, when driving the car, doing household chores, or another activity that keeps you from being able to watch something. In that case, being able to listen to a crypto AMA audio only is far more convenient.

For now, we will upload every AMA that we host. That means that as soon as a new video AMA is live on our YouTube, we will also directly upload it as an audio only AMA on Spotify.

We are happy to welcome you to our Spotify Podcast account!

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