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GameStar Exchange Video AMA

GameStar Exchange Video AMA
GameStar Exchange logo Earlier this month, we announced our partnership with GameStar Exchange. GameStar is a Polkadot-based exchange and the world’s leading decentralized peer to peer trading platform. This project offers some important solutions for the NFT market, such as high fees and the neglect of gaming.

By hosting this Video Ask Me Anything, we are bringing more clarity about GameStar. It also gave us the chance to answer all of your questions regarding this project.

Video AMA with GameStar Exchange

You can watch BCAi’s video AMA with GameStar below. Make sure to watch it, because it answers a lot of questions about the platform.

Covered topics in this video AMA

The AMA lasted for about half an hour and covered a lot of important topics. Below, we’ve listed some of these topics.

  • What’s the background of GameStar’s CEO, Joshua Vizer?
  • What is GameStar Exchange exactly?
  • What problems does the project solve / Which solutions do they offer?
  • Gift Cards
  • Encrypted chats
  • Roadmap and targets
  • Token value potential
  • DAO governance model

By watching the video AMA, you will learn a lot about GameStar Exchange and the idea behind the project. Enjoy!
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