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Partnership: Acura x BCA investments

Partnership: Acura x BCA investments
Acura Network DEXWe are happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with Acura, the first redefined decentralized trading platform and auto generating liquidity protocol powered by Polygon.

Decentralized finance is certainly becoming more and more popular, many believing it will even replace traditional finance. Projects like Acura contribute to the rapid growth of DeFi. Using a DeFi 2.0 model, Acura Network revolutionizes decentralized exchanges. All the tools offered by Acura make sure for a smooth DeFi experience.

BCAi & Acura Network

Decentralized finance is a big part of our future, and platforms like Acura Network contribute to that future. Acura is developing on Polygon, which translates to low fees and a good user experience. Combining that with Acura’s DeFi 2.0 model, in which users have an easy to use, safe and all-in-one trading experience, it becomes clear that this platform has a lot of potential and utility.

BCA investments is excited to partner up with Acura Network to not only invest, but also work together with the platform and provide advice and help where necessary!

Acura’s solution

Even though DeFi is becoming increasingly popular, it’s still not easy to get started with iit as a beginning user. Decentralized finance is still in its early stages, lacking the necessary tools and analytical data that enable efficient and optimized trading. The cryptocurrency trading space is quite risky, and becomes increasingly difficult without good analysis of market trends, no correct analytical data and limited security.

This is where Acura Network comes in. By using Acura’s platform, everyone can use the tools, data, market analytics and security offered by the platform to massively improve their trading experience. Transaction limits, stop loss orders, precise order books, accurate and fast char viewings: all of this and more is integrated in Acura Network. It basically is an all-in-one platform, scaling and redefining the way decentralized finance is utilized. Acura Network DEX - Decentralized Finance

Key features

Acura Network has three main features, which summarize what the platform is about:
  1. Acura is an auto generating liquidity protocol and decentralized exchange, revolutionized with a facelift and charts.
  2. The platform offers important tools like limit orders, stop loss orders, an order book and more.
  3. Acura Network offers a whole suite for traders, investors, and business with yield aggregated farms, staking pools, price bots, and project index.

Acura Network tools

The project lists a big amount of tools and functions, which are all integrated within the protocol. Look at the picture below to get an understanding of what Acura Network offers.

acura tools All these tools result in an accessible and easy to use exchange & platform for everyone, including beginners in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space.

Platform use and service options

The platform is available for all users rendering limited use. In order to receive exclusive access to Acura’s service options, users have to have a certain amount of Acura’s native token. Another possibility is to subscribe to the platform’s monthly-based service option.


Lastly, we want to let you know about the exciting AcuraBot, a highly convenient price action bot based on Polygon for cryptocurrency Telegram channels. It fetches data from multiple sources to give channel subscribers live price actions. People can choose to display features such as chosen pair, token name and price, total supply and market cap.

The purpose of Acurabot is showing live price action trades within telegram channels. This is very useful, because decentralized exchange trading is growing in popularity and fast-paced. Quick updates on prices and details are needed. By building the bot on Telegram, it is available for a lot of people, both beginning and experienced DEX traders.
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