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Partnership: Beamswap x BCA investments

Partnership: Beamswap x BCA investments

BCAi is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Beamswap, a DeFi Hub & the first DEX (decentralized exchange) on the Moonbeam network!

DeFi continues to grow. There are many new DeFi projects developing and launching. At the same time, DEXs are being used more. That is why projects such as Beamswap achieve success. Learn more about this project and our partnership by reading this article!

Our partnership with Beamswap

Beamswap is unique by being the first DEX and DeFi Hub on Moonbeam. We are happy to partner up and support this project, as it’s one of the first movers on the Moonbeam network. By offering a big variety of features and products (which are listed in this article), Beamswap provides its users with all necessary DeFi tools.

Read on for more information about what Beamswap exactly is and what its main features are!

What exactly is Beamswap?

Beamswap is a decentralized exchange with an AMM (Automated Market Maker), providing liquidity and peer-to-peer transactions, and is built on the Moonbeam network.

By being the first DEX on Moonbeam, Beamswap has an important first-mover advantage. Some reasons why Beamswap decided to build on Moonbeam, are:

  • It has the most funds raised and highest number of contributions for a Polkadot parachain.
  • It combines Ethereum’s simplicity of use with Polkadot’s power.
  • Seamless transition from other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains.
  • Low gas prices and scalability.

Beamswap features

Beamswap Products & Features

As a DeFi Hub & DEX, Beamswap has a lot of products and features for both beginners and more experienced users, making it a complete DeFi platform for all of its users.

Some of Beamswap’s core products and features are listed below.

  • Swap tokens
  • Yield farms
  • Supply Liquidity
  • Integrated Bridge for EVMs
  • Syrup Pools
  • Charts & Portfolio Tracker
  • Advanced trading
  • Launchpad

It doesn’t end with the above products! With additional features such as Limit Orders, Governance, an NFT Marketplace, Beamshare, and more features, Beamswap is a complete DeFi platform built on Moonbeam.

The GLINT and SHARE tokens

Beamswap tokens

Beamswap is powered by $GLINT. This token has the following significant utilities and use cases:

  • By staking GLINT, you receive a portion of the DEX fees.
  • GLINT is the governance token. By holding GLINT, you can participate in important decision-making.
  • Participate in Beamswap’s Launchpad projects & increase allocation with GLINT.

The Beamshare feature allows users to receive $SHARE tokens when staking GLINT. These SHARE tokens represent your share of the pool. The pool automatically compounds by using a portion of all trade fees to buy back $GLINT. You will earn fees according to your share in the pool. By returning SHARE tokens into the pool, you will receive more GLINT than initially deposited.

Even though the Beamswap platform has already launched, the team continues to add new features and projects. Some features mentioned in this article, such as the NFT Marketplace and Advanced trading, will launch later this year. BCAi is excited about the launch of these developments, and we are happy with our partnership with Beamswap!
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