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Partnership: Dexsport x BCA investments

Partnership: Dexsport x BCA investments
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Dexsport is a decentralized betting platform that includes sports betting, play to earn betting, P2P betting, and more!

The betting and gambling markets have experienced big growth, especially after the possibilities to bet online have emerged. However, pretty much the entire market is in control of centralized monopolists that control it. That’s where Dexsport comes into the equation, by solving that issue. Learn more in this article!

BCA investments & Dexsport

Our partnership with Dexsport was formed last year, after we saw the potential this project has. We believe being able to use a decentralized platform for sports and game betting is a positive thing for these markets. Dexsport offers that, and also is continuing to make steps in the blockchain space.

BCAi is excited about Dexsport’s developments! Below, we’ll give you some more insight into the project.

Why Dexsport?

Dexsport developed a decentralized betting platform, in which people play with a shared liquidity pool and receive winnings via blockchain.

However, besides the above, the platform is not limited to one type of betting. It includes:

  • Sports betting
  • P2P betting on exchange rates
  • Play to Earn betting
  • A prediction marketplace
  • NFT art collecting

Dexsport Platform
Dexsport Platform

Decentralized betting

No longer do you have to use (centralized) bank account to bet on sports and games. Using Dexsport, you can simply use your decentralized wallet, like Metamask, to bet. You receive your earnings on the blockchain, meaning the betting is fully decentralized.

eSports & P2E games

Another benefit of Dexsport is that it isn’t limited to the traditional betting markets. Just like the focus on the future by being decentralized & blockchain-based, they are also thinking long-term by focusing on unique, fresh and growing betting markets such as eSports and P2E games.

Dexsport Pool
Dexsport Total Pool Example

Using the platform, users can use their decentralized wallet to bet on eSports teams in various popular games: CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch & more.

Dexsport will also include P2E-betting: using the platform to bet on the victory or defeat of different gamers playing Play to Earn games.

As pretty much anyone in the crypto space, we are also excited about the decentralization of markets. Dexsport provides its users with a decentralized betting platform that doesn’t need a third-party middleman. Combine this with multiple features and various types of betting, and you’ve got yourself an exciting, unique betting platform!
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