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Partnership: FOTA x BCA investments

Partnership: FOTA x BCA investments
FOTA logo We are partners of Fight Of The Ages (FOTA), an AAA metaverse gaming project!

The metaverse and blockchain gaming seem to go hand in hand. The interest in these kinds of platforms (metaverse + gaming) seems to keep growing. FOTA is a promising project combining the two and creating a Triple-A blockchain game. Read more about it in this article!


From the get-go, Fight Of The Ages stands out because of its unique design, impressive game lore, great graphics and an immersive universe / metaverse. Besides that, this project has multiple strong advantages: the integration of Microsoft Mesh for the support of MR (Mixed Reality), great partnerships and a strong team.

BCAi is excited to see this gaming metaverse develop!

What exactly is FOTA?

FOTA - Clara FOTA is an AAA fantasy-themed MOBA RPG game with a large fantasy universe, allowing many players to engage with each other. Within the game, there are three primary worlds. In each of them, unique species live. All of them have one common goal: Achieving the ultimate power ‘Aether’ to rule the entire universe.

These are the biggest and most impressive FOTA features:

  • FOTA Metaverse: A massive metaverse, allowing real-time gameplay for millions of gamers.
  • Microsoft Mesh (MR) technology: FOTA has implemented the latest MR technology to bring a unique experience in the virtual world. The project works together with Microsoft Mesh to perfect the technology.
  • Multi-Platform: FOTA is not limited to one specific platform. All Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows and macOS devices can join the FOTA metaverse.
  • Rent-to-play & Cross NFT: High-entry problems are not a thing in FOTA, as high-level Heroes or Rare Items can be rented. Also, the Cross NFT features allow players to bring their own Hero / Item / Skin to the expensive universe.
  • Hybrid Farming: The Hybrid Farming mechanism allows users to use both LP tokens and FOTA tokens to farm.

PvE & PvP modes

FOTA item 2

FOTA integrates both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) into the game.

The PvE mode include three types of quests:

  1. Daily Quest: The story mode with 30 quests from three worlds.
  2. Warrior Quest: A quest occurring every month to help players improve their ranking and development.
  3. Seasonal Quest: Occasional side quests within FOTA. These quests increase the airdrop of tokens and (valuable & exchangeable) rare items for players.

FOTA item 1

The PvP mode consists of three features:

  1. Arena: Everyone can organize their own match with the Arena feature.
  2. Tournament: Rooms in 1v1 mode where each user controls 3 to 5 heroes, and 2v2 to 5v5 modes, where each user controls 1 hero.
  3. Duel: Battle in 1v1 mode to 5v5 mode, similar to the structure in Tournaments, in a one-time Duel.

Official Teaser Trailer

The FOTA team has shared an Official Teaser Trailer that displays some cool visuals and characters. Watch the video below!

FOTA is definitely one of the most promising blockchain metaverse gaming projects in development. The Alpha version of the game is expected to launch in February. We’re very excited and proud to be working together with Fight Of The Ages!
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