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Partnership: Jigen x BCA investments

Partnership: Jigen x BCA investments
Jigen Logo We are strategic partners of Jigen, the first NFT gateway for Fashion & Luxury items in the Metaverse and Gaming ecosystem!

The growth of the metaverse has definitely not gone unnoticed by anyone familiar with the cryptoverse. While there are many projects launching, Jigen is the first to focus on Fashion & Luxury and use blockchain technology to accomplish this.

Our partnership with Jigen

We are happy to be supporting this project by being strategic partners and helping Jigen in various ways, such as in marketing and business growth.

This platform is unique in bringing Fashion & Luxury to the blockchain and metaverse ecosystem. Jigen offers solutions for both Brand & User problems and has various NFT use cases. BCAi is excited to partner up with Jigen and help this project achieve success!

About Jigen

Originally, ‘Jigen’ is a Japanese word that stands for ‘dimension’. Jigen wants to become the premier brand of the metaverse. The platform originates the latest strategy of building hype of a fashion and luxury brand within the crypto space.


This ‘luxury metaverse’ project offers the following solutions for both brands & users:

  • For brands: Reaching younger generations, a solution for counterfeiting (which is a major issue for luxury items), and a lower entry barrier to blockchain technologies for brands.
  • For users:: Cutting down the time-consuming process to trade real items (listing, selling, shipping & more), more utilities for NFTs, and a fairer minting method for traditional NFT drops.

Backed NFTs & Use cases

Asset backed NFTs are important for the following reasons:

  • Ending counterfeiting by digitizing and tracking the whole lifecycle of an item.
  • Unlock a new liquid market for luxury & fashion items on the blockchain.
  • There are a wide range of DeFi applications for backed NFTs.
  • Everyone can bring their wearables into the metaverse.

NFTs on Jigen’s platform have the following use cases: Jigen

  • Trading NFTs on any secondary market.
  • Wearing and showing your NFTs in the metaverse & your favorite games.
  • Claiming physical versions of NFTs on Jigen’s app.

An additional feature of NFTs on the platform is that 60% of all fees collected from each NFT trade on the secondary market are used for burns and the buyback of $JIG tokens! More about $JIG will be described below.

JIG token

Jigen’s token, $JIG, is a core element of their ecosystem. The token has the following utilities for their community:

  1. Exclusive access and privileges within the platform by holding JIG.
  2. The ability to stake and farm JIG.
  3. Governance utility: vote for initiatives and feature developments & taking part in the creation process (for example, by voting for designs and artists).

We are definitely excited about the development of Jigen. By building a solution for fashion & luxury in the metaverse & crypto gaming space, this platform has unique utilities and use cases. BCAi looks forward to further supporting this project and being part of the growth of our partner Jigen!
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