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Partnership: Kalao x BCA investments

Partnership: Kalao x BCA investments

BCA investments partners up with Kalao!

Kalao Blockchain-NFT-GalleryMetaverse projects are increasingly growing in popularity because of the possibilities and utilities. Kalao is one of these projects. This project is combining the power of NFTs & VR and is using this combination to bring the potential of metaverses to real-world use cases.

Kalao itself is an NFT ecosystem with its own marketplace. With the Kalao framework, the adoption of VR technology will be accelerated. This technology allows virtual worlds to be developed and makes sure the digital transformation of business use cases is sustained.

Our partnership with Kalao

We believe in metaverses and the development of virtual reality. Kalao works on making the metaverse experience easily accessible for everyone. The NFT marketplace plays an important role in this, allowing users to fully customize their virtual world by creating, buying, selling and collecting NFTs.

BCAi is excited to help this project grow and achieve its goals of introducing and adapting virtual reality to the blockchain and NFT space!

BCAi’s demo of the Kalao metaverse

During talks with the Kalao team, we received a demo of the metaverse. This was a fun experience and definitely contributed to our decision to work with Kalao. Afterwards, Kalao’s team sent us some screenshots of the demo, which we are happy to share with you.

Web teaser video of Kalao!

The three pillars of Kalao

In short, Kalao’s framework has three main pillars:

  • NFT Marketplace: The infrastructure of Kalao’s NFT Marketplace allows users to not only buy and sell, but also create and collect NFTS. This is all possible with low fees and high security.
  • Metaverse experience: Your NFT collection is all ‘virtually yours’ and available to see & experience in the metaverse. Users can showcase their NFT collections in their own unique 3D gallery.
  • Real-world use cases: There are multiple ways in which the Kalao NFT ecosystem and framework can be used for real-world use cases. Think about things such as art exhibits, event ticketing and live streaming virtually (for example, concerts).

Kalao’s marketplace

Within the marketplace, users can trade and collect NFTS / digital collectibles. The marketplace is powered by the Avalanche blockchain. Because of this, fees for transactions are low and transactions are fast & secure. Users also get rewarded for their loyalty.

Kalao’s vision is to be the place to go to for NFTs. There will be no need to visit many different markets and places, since they are all brought together in the Kalao marketplace.

The NFT ecosystem also allows for proof of ownership, because the NFTs are unique and non-replicable. Tokens can be traced and ownership can be confirmed, which is also useful for things like event ticketing.

The metaverse

Kalao’s metaverse is called ‘The Citadel’. Within this metaverse, users can:

  • Buy lands
  • Rent lands
  • Promote their business
  • Live stream, for example concerts and events
  • Invite people to visit them and show people their NFT collection

People experience this metaverse in a full 3D virtual reality world. Users can create their own personalized 3D gallery. This ingrates the NFT marketplace perfectly, allowing a unique way of owning and experiencing digital collectibles.

We are proud and excited to work together with Kalao and support the project in multiple ways. Keep following our website and BCAi’s community to stay up-to-date about Kalao and other interesting projects!

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