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Partnership: Katana Inu x BCA investments

Partnership: Katana Inu x BCA investments
Katana Inu Logo Katana Inu is a highly anticipated Play to Earn Battle Royale NFT PC-Game!

Crypto gaming and NFTs emerged in 2021 and seem to keep getting a lot of attention and interest in 2022. One of the most anticipated games within the blockchain gaming, P2E and NFT space is Katana Inu. In this article, we touch upon our partnership with this project, as well as Katana Inu as a game.

BCAi x Katana Inu

BCAi is excited to be working together with the team of Katana Inu. We are strategic partners of the project and provide marketing & business support. One of the ways of achieving this is by increasing visibility. That’s why we hosted a video AMA with the CEO and CAO of the project, and are engaging with Katana Inu on social media.

This game definitely has a lot of potential. The graphics are outstanding, especially for a blockchain crypto game. BCAi is happy to be partners of Katana Inu, and we look forward to the game launch!

Our Video AMA with Katana Inu

In December, we hosted a video AMA with the CEO & CAO of the project. The goal of this AMA was to get to know the game better, as well as the ideas behind the creation of Katana Inu and plans for the future. Watch the Video AMA:

Some of the discussed topics are the idea behind referring to ‘SHIBA INU’, the reasons for Katana Inu being a PC game, the inspiration behind the graphics, and the $KATA token.

Co-host: GameZone

The video AMA was hosted by Wesley from BCA investments and co-hosted by Jeffrey, CEO of GameZone. Katana Inu has launched exclusively on BlueZilla platforms, with GameZone as the leading launchpad. Jeffrey from GameZone helped us set up and distribute this video AMA. We are happy to be working together with them!

Why Katana Inu?

Katana Inu

What makes the game stand out?

✓ High-end graphics
✓ Free to Play & Play to Earn
✓ An open metaverse to battle, fight & collect NFTs in
✓ NFT Marketplace with unique skins
✓ Stake $KATA & Join exclusive Battle Tournaments

The project finds the Play 2 Earn aspect important and gives players multiple ways of earning: Tournaments, Loot boxes and Specific challenges. The P2E element is combined with high-end graphics and fun gameplay, which is what makes the project really stand out.

$KATA token

The game has its own native utility token: $KATA. It has the following main utilities:

  • Staking to earn a passive income
  • Holding to participate in certain tournaments (and earn by winning them)
  • NFTs on Katana Inu’s marketplace can only be bought with $KATA.

First gameplay trailer

Katana Inu released their first gameplay trailer, containing never before shown in-game footage. Watch it now:

Katana Inu certainly has a lot of potential. Currently, the game is fully developing. The game is expected to release in Q4 2022. Until then, developments like staking, the NFT marketplace and partnerships will take place.
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