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Partnership: Monsters Clan x BCA investments

Partnership: Monsters Clan x BCA investments

monsters-clan-play-to-earnBCA investments is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Monsters Clan, a highly promising and the FIRST player-controlled NFT game.

It’s GameFi season!

BCAi & Monsters Clan partnership

Being the first user-controlled NFT game with a well-thought-out and engaging storyline, we believe this project is very promising. Not only is BCAI partnering up with Monsters Clan by investing in the project, we will also support Monsters Clan in areas such as marketing distribution.

There is a lot of potential in combining gaming, blockchain and NFT’s, especially when executed well. That’s why we are looking forward to working together with Monsters Clan and helping this promising project grow!

About Monsters Clan

monsters clan monsterMonsters Clan is a NFT game in which users can play with their own monsters in a unique digital world. Players will be able to own, collect, grow and then battle with their monsters in an online gaming environment. The game is built on Blockchain, which means the project contributes to changing the landscape of playing games. Players will have the freedom of fighting and trading monsters and can implement their own strategy.

In addition, the game will have its own NFT marketplace. This allows players to trade monsters and other items with ease. Because the game is built on Blockchain, it will be reliable and transparent, reflecting a fair use gaming model when it comes to strategy and in-game items.

The objective behind Monsters Clan

The team of Monsters Clan has a clear, exciting and understandable objective: introducing the concept of combining gaming and the Blockchain technology, and setting up a platform where players can fight other players with their own ‘Monsters’, while earning rewards.

Game mechanics and progression

There is a level system in place, which means players can progress by leveling up. This is possible by engaging in various activities. By earning XP points and leveling up, users and their Monsters will prevent getting restricted and people can keep playing the game.

The game has a storyline in which every phase is linked with another. Not only can players create, feed and grow monsters to battle with them, they can also buy grown & adult monsters from the marketplace and participate in Monsters auctions. The $MONS token plays an important role in this, which will be further explained below.

The $MONS token

Monsters Clan has its own digital currency: the $MONS token. This token has multiple in-game utilities, such as:

  • Buy Monsters
  • Buy, sell or rent Potion Caldrons
  • Buy, sell or rent Island Plots and Monster Caves
  • Buy packages of Gems
  • Buy Monster Potion and special acids

Through the $MONS governance model and the utility of the token, every single activity by the user contributes to the success of Monsters Clan. Also, gas fees are low, since the $MONS BEP20 token is built on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Renting NFTs

As previously mentioned, Monsters Clan has its own NFT marketplace. The great thing about this is that players can not only buy in-game items: they can also, for the first time ever in any NFT game, rent NFTs. This makes the game accessible for everyone, including the users who can’t afford certain NFTs. Players can use in-game items ‘on rent’ to progress, without being obligated to buy. Because of this, players are, again, always engaged and contributing to the success of the project.

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