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Partnership: Monstropoly x BCA investments

Partnership: Monstropoly x BCA investments
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Monstropoly is a mobile esports Play 2 Earn game built on the blockchain!

As the gaming market keeps growing, P2E and esports are two categories that are gaining more and more popularity. Monstropoly combines these two into a fun, social GameFi metaverse that offers various ways of earning. Read on to learn more!

BCAi x Monstropoly

We are strategic partners of Monstropoly and will support this project during development. By joining forces with them, we aim to help this game grow.

Monstropoly excels by combining esports, P2E, the metaverse (& VR), GameFi and NFTs into fun MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) gameplay. The social aspect is important, and the game is engaging.

In addition, the team already has multiple years of blockchain gaming experience. BCAi is happy to be supporting them as strategic partners!

Monstropoly Gameplay & Features

Monstropoly monster

The game can be classified as a casual shooting game revolving around monsters and weapons. Both PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment) modes are integrated.

Monstropoly’s three main features are:

  1. Esports: The game focuses on competing and trying to win matches, both solo and in teams. By fulfilling (daily) quests, winning matches, and obtaining achievements, players get rewarded.
  2. Metaverse: Monstropoly integrates its own unique VR metaverse in which other monsters can be met, tournaments can be spectated, and interactive casual games can be played. This metaverse can be described as a fantasy monster-based world.
  3. GameFi: The project includes GameFi (Gaming & Decentralized Finance) by including NFTs, staking, farming and a marketplace. NFTs within the game are characters, weapons, magic boxes and ‘Evolution’ (NFT upgrades).

Game modes

By including both PvP and PvE, the game gives players multiple ways of enjoying the gameplay. Monstropoly has three main game modes:

  1. Team Deathmatch: This game includes the popular multiplayer Team Deathmatch mode. Two teams consisting of 5 players fight to win. The mode also allows custom room creation.
  2. Free for all: No teams; everyone plays for themselves. The player with the highest score wins the game. It’s quick and dynamic, lasting only 90 seconds per game. Players receive a random reward with a value based on their ranking.
  3. Save the world: The PvE gam emode of Monstropoly, in which players have to survive incoming waves of enemies. This game mode consists of three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

Monstropoly character Monstropoly character 2

Monstropoly tokens

The game has two utility tokens: $MPOLY and $MPGLD. Below, we’ve listed the most important information about both tokens.


  • Core utility and governance token
  • Will be used to purchase NFTs and game tokens
  • Deflationary and burning mechanisms
  • Total of 500,000,00 MPOLY tokens


  • The in-game token
  • Will be used to buy in-game items and receive rewards
  • Unlimited supply
  • Will be exchangeable with $MPOLY through a specific pool that will keep a self-regulated price of MPGLD tokens

With this article, we have given you more insight into our partnership with Monstropoly and into the game itself. We are excited about the game launch, which is coming very soon! The metaverse, esports tournaments and other features are also launching within the first six months of 2022.
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