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Partnership: Onepad x BCA investments

Partnership: Onepad x BCA investments
Onepad logo Official announcement: we are partners of Onepad, the first all-inclusive token launchpad on Harmony!

For early stage crypto projects, raising initial project liquidity is important. However, reaching a big audience for the distribution of tokens is easier said than done. That’s where Onepad’s platform comes into the equation. Why is that, and how does Onepad help? Read on for more information!

Onepad x BCAi

Firstly, we want to announce that we are happy to be partnering up with this launchpad. From our experience with starting blockchain & cryptocurrency projects, we know that fundraising and initial liquidity is very important. A launchpad like Onepad helps projects with raising liquidity, so that they can allocate more time on other essential things like development.

We look forward to supporting Onepad and are happy to be investing in the project!

About Onepad

In a nutshell, Onepad is the first all-inclusive & decentralized IDO & NFT launchpad on the harmony blockchain. The launchpad helps crypto & blockchain projects to raise capital, which is a big factor for their long-term success. It also allows for these ‘crypto start-ups’ to shift their focus to the essential and vital development of their project.

One of Onepad’s most important advantages over other launchpads is the fair token allocation model. The model ensures a guaranteed IDO allocation to all token stakers, providing better opportunities for everyone.

Key platform features are:

  • The token launchpad, built on the Harmony blockchain.
  • Onepad’s NFT Marketplace, which people can use to discover, collect and auction NFTs.
  • The easy to use staking pool, which allows any HRC20 token project to launch staking very fast.

Harmony Blockchain

Onepad is built on the Harmony blockchain. Some significant advantages of this blockchain are:

✓ Rapidly growing, with a lot of new projects launching on the blockchain.
✓ EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible & open source, allowing Ethereum applications to run very fast and with low fees.
✓ Big ecosystem, which is interesting for developers to build on.

Onepad platform

Native OND token

ONEPAD (OND) is the native token of the Onepad ecosystem. Below, key benefits of (holding) OND are listed.

  • Holders of OND get access to upcoming IDOs and NFTs launched through Onepad’s platform.
  • OND is Onepad’s governance token.
  • Staking rewards
  • Holders receive airdrops from partner projects.
By holding and staking OND tokens, platform users can mint xOND. This qualifies holders for IDO allocations. The staking mechanism uses a multiplier system and is based on tiers. The ‘Little Fish’ get 20% of the allocation (staking requirement: minimum 250 xOND). ‘Dolphins’ get 30% of the allocation (minimum 1,000 xOND). Finally, ‘Whales’ get 50% of the allocation (minimum 5,000 xOND).
We are happy to have partnered with Onepad! In Q1 2022, we can expect Onepad’s NFT Marketplace launch and the first NFT drop & auction. Follow us to stay informed!
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