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We are committed and devoted in supporting our partners in more ways than only capital. With our additional services we can further extend our collaboration to increase the success rate of your project. Based on the development stage and the needs of the project, we can offer specific services. Our team has professionals with years of experience in the crypto space who can act as your external advisor to provide expertise in the needed area. From Digital marketing consultancy, Web content to Business development, Financial advice and Adoption management.

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Which marketing support does your project need? We will fill in the gaps!

Video AMA
Create more Trust and Engagement by explaining your project personally through an in-depth video interview! We’re hosting the video vAMA’s + Editing the video clips for direct branding. We also create short marketing clips on top of that!
Social Media Marketing
News, Branding, Announcements & Information Distribution through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Telegram communities. We do this within our own communities, network and KOL’s / influencers we closely work with.
Content Creation
We help you to create engaging fresh content like: Blog articles, SEO writing, Social posts creation, Meme or Gif contests, Moon sheets & Infographics development.
International Recruitment
We can help you with finding new qualified people to work on your project! We are connected with a lot of developers, community managers, marketing experts and more.
Get introduced to Launchpads
We are working together with different Launchpads. We will connect you with the launchpads that best match your project.
Business Development Strategy
We are specialized and experienced in helping start-ups grow from phase to phase. We take on the whole Adoption / Innovation curve for each of our partners where we divide our marketing services into Pre-IDO & Post-IDO marketing. #GrowthHacking
Online Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) by our CEO who is running an Online Marketing Agency for the last 12+ years. We are connecting Capital with Marketing services for long term growth!
Social Media Visibility
Our team can help you set up or manage your social media visibility through posts, tweets, KOL’s, advertisement etc. for i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok & LinkedIN.
Financial Advisory
Our financial advisors can provide you with insights to optimize the financial force behind your project. We could i.e. help you how to set up the Tokenomics and crowdfunding strategy.
Get introduced to Exchanges
We are working together with Exchanges. We help our partners get listed on different big exchanges in the space!
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Video AMA's
Business Development
Growth Hacking
Online Marketing
Content Creation
Social Media Visibility
Financial Advice
International Recruitment
Connections with other VC's
Connections with Launchpads
Connections with Exchanges

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We've invested in more than 100 projects, and still help them through their whole lifecycle!

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