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An important part of our services is creating engaging & insightful video crypto AMA’s. In the crypto space, our vAMA’s are unique. BCAi specializes in Video AMA’s, in which we lead the entire process of preparation, hosting, editing, publishing, and distributing. We give our partners the perfect opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight and answer important questions about their project. These AMA’s are part of our long-term thinking & marketing and growth services. Below, all of our videos are listed. This includes both Pre-IDO and Post-IDO crypto interviews with blockchain projects.

Outer Ring PRE-IDO vAMA with CEO, CMO & COO

Tank Wars Zone AMA with CBDO & CMO Andy

Solchicks POST-IDO vAMA with COO Lewis

Kyte.One AMA with COO & CO-Founder Chandra

AMA Crypto “What is the Meaning of”

‘AMA’ stands for ‘Ask Me Anything ‘and is essentially an interview in which questions are being asked to a crypto & blockchain project or KOL. A common keyword in the crypto space is therefore “AMA Crypto”, because people want to see Crypto AMA’s from new projects they may want to invest in. The idea behind these AMA’s is to get to know a project. This includes:

  • Detailed information on how a project works
  • To get to know the team, founders, CEO in person
  • What are the main utilities of using this project’s platform?
  • Token utility & information
  • What is coming up for the project, both short-term, mid-term and long-term?
  • And much more!

This creates benefits for all parties involved. The answerer(s) / guest(s) get(s) the opportunity to go into detail about their blockchain & crypto project / brand, while the community is provided with (unique) information.

Why Video AMA’s?

We know all about the importance of Community Building, Visibility, and Content Creation. Together with our partners, we set up amazing, unique and insightful blockchain & crypto video AMA’s / interviews. This benefits the project, their community & potential investors. The most important benefits are listed below.

Video AMA Benefits for projects:
✔ Marketing support
✔ Answer (community) questions
✔ Create Trust and Engagement
✔ Community building
✔ PRE-IDO vAMA to gain Trust, Attention & Interest
✔ POST-IDO vAMA for updates, maintaining traction and user onboarding

vAMA Benefits for Community & Investors:
✔ Get your questions answered
✔ Gather important info on projects
✔ Provided with unique information
✔ Show support to a project
✔ Whitelisting opportunities
✔ Airdrop opportunities

BCA investments AMA Crypto Videos

We provide the above benefits of video AMA’s to both Projects and Start-ups & Communities and Investors.

BCAi provides great value by taking on the complete process of a Crypto / Blockchain Video Interview:

  1. Creating a set-up that includes all phases of the AMA
  2. Gather community questions, create our own questions, and ask the project for input
  3. Leading the AMA / Interview
  4. Editing the vAMA
  5. Publishing, Sharing the Video AMA on all of our channels & Distributing it

At BCAi, we understand the importance of gaining trust and community building. Both for our partners and communities & investors. That’s why our video AMA’s with crypto projects are not only insightful and full of significant information, but also fun and engaging!

All of our Video AMA’s

On this page, you can find all of BCAi’s hosted Ask Me Anything videos. This includes both Pre-IDO and Post-IDO cryptocurrency AMA’s. They are all ‘equipped’ with Timestamps. This means that you can easily navigate the video and watch specific parts of the video’s directly, without having to spend time going through the whole video to find a specific piece of information.

We will continuously update this page as we publish new videos on our YouTube channel, so make sure to stay tuned, keep visiting this page, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Are you a (member of a) blockchain project, and are you interested in the above? Or are you part of a Crypto Community, and do you have interesting ideas or opportunities? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We walk the road together and always think of long-term opportunities!