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We've partnered up with Arcade Network!

We’ve partnered up with Arcade Network!

Arcade NetworkWe are proud to announce that our team at BCA investments has partnered up with Arcade Network.

There is no doubt metaverses will be part of the future, especially blockchain metaverses. Verifiable and proof of ownership of digital assets are essential in these metaverses. These digital assets, NFT’s, can be very valuable and useful for diverse applications, but unfortunately most of the time only applicable for a specific metaverse.

This is where Arcade Network steps in with a unified relayer bridge. The Arc Relayer Bridge makes it possible for in-game assets to move from one metaverse to another by making use of NFT and Blockchain Technology. We know many new blockchain metaverses are launched weekly. This technology will help boost the future of cross interaction of metaverses.

BCAi & Arcade Network

As the biggest companies in the world invest in metaverses, and blockchain gaming is exponentially growing, a project like Arcade Network is needed to make sure ownership of in-game assets is in the right hands (the gamers), and cross metaverse asset interoperability is provided. We are excited about the solutions offered by Arcade Network, which is why we are happy to work together with this project and help it grow!

Below, we will provide you with more information about this project. We’ll also show our video AMA with Arcade Network.

What is Arcade Network able to do with Blockchain Tech?

Arcade Network Bridge
The two most important developments that Arcade Network’s technology is triggering are:

  1. Gamers will be the real owner of in-game-assets
  2. Arcade Network is making investors out of Gaming

Everybody knows that you can buy, for example, new skins or new weapons in the game you play. Normally when you stop playing a game, whether it is due to deleting your account, being hacked, or just wanting to stop because of another game, your in-game assets will be gone or useless.

Arcade Network makes it possible that the asset you bought within the game is safely registered on the blockchain and safely in your own crypto wallet. Even if you are going to use another account, you can access your already bought in-game-assets and use them again.

The best part is that Arcade Network is going to help games to cooperate with each other, so you can use, for example, the weapon you bought in Call of Duty, also in the game Counter-Strike! This will be a crazy development within the gaming scene! And as you can guess, this will create a whole new ecosystem of “Gaming Assets Investors”.

Video AMA with Arcade Network

Would you like to hear more about Arcade Network, directly from CEO & Founder Chinka? Then definitely watch the video below: BCAi’s AMA with Arcade Network, in which all important questions about this project get answered.

Metaverse cross chain asset swap platform Arcade Network aims to launch in Q3 2021. We are honored to be a part of this new, fresh technology! We will support Arcade Network to be a big success and a known name in the whole gaming space. The opportunities are huge!

Stay tuned for more information and project updates!

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