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Partnership: Arenum x BCA investments

Partnership: Arenum x BCA investments
Arenum logo BCAi partners up with Arenum, the first DeFi platform for mobile gaming tournaments!

The gaming industry is growing faster than ever and crypto is becoming a part of it. Within crypto, especially DeFi is experiencing massive growth. With more than 3 billion global worldwide gamers, there is a lot of potential for a DeFi platform for mobile gaming.

BCA investments x Arenum

Arenum has a lot of potential. Mobile gaming is hot, crypto gaming is hot, and DeFi is hot. Additionally, Arenum already has a large community: it is actually an existing mobile eSports platform with over 2 million registered players.

We look forward to the addition of crypto games to Arenum’s platform and are happy to be supporting this project!

What is Arenum?

Arenum is a mobile eSports tournaments app with over 2 million registered players. It has over 100 daily tournaments and includes the most popular games, such as PUBG and Call of Duty.

Currently, the platform has two services:

  1. eSports games: Primarily for young audiences, already launched with 2M+ players, with 100+ daily tournaments in games like PUBG, Call of Duty and Brawl Stars.
  2. Casual games: Aimed at an older audience, games like puzzles & card duels, brings excitement and competition.


Now, Arenum is taking it a step further by adding crypto to their platform. Learn more below.

Why crypto on Arenum?

They acknowledge the power and possibility of blockchain & cryptocurrency and are building a web-powered matching engine for eSports. The integration of blockchain & crypto is of benefit for the following reasons:

  • Instant, transparent payouts.
  • Censorship-resistant economy.
  • Open source platform that any game can join.
  • The addition of tokenomics with corresponding incentives & instant monetization for all groups (developers, gamers, and influencers & sponsors).

Arenum will include tournaments in over 200 cross-chain crypto games.

Four crypto products

Crypto on Arenum comes with the following four products:

  1. NFT metagame: Players earn resources by playing tournaments to get NFT collectible animals. These can be upgraded to participate in PvP autobattles.
  2. Marketplace: Used for trading & buying rare NFT animals.
  3. PvP multiplayer engine: Smart contracts & infrastructure that enables any developers to integrate the game and get leaderboards, tournaments, reward systems & more in one tool.
  4. Platform for developers & influencers: A set of tools that allows developers to publish their games standalone and deploy tournaments in one click for instant monetization of influencer’s communities.

Launch on Infinite Launch

Arenum launched on multiple launchpads, including Infinite Launch (on January the 15th). As we are also partners of Infinite Launch, we are happy to see these two have partnered up and are working together. Arenum announced that their IDO on Infinite Launch had sold out in record time!
By integrating the blockchain to their platform, Arenum includes the largest growing digital asset landscape. Since their platform already exists and has proven it works, the future is looking bright for Arenum. We are excited to have partnered with them and support the growth of the platform!
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