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Partnership: Netvrk x BCA investments

Partnership: Netvrk x BCA investments
Netvrk logo BCA investments is happy to announce that we have officially partnered up with Netvrk, a metaverse project that utilizes NFTs to allow users to Play to Earn.

There is a lot of hype and excitement around Netvrk, and for good reasons: the team behind the project is strong & dedicated, and the solutions offered are exciting. Below, we will explain about our decision to partner up with Netvrk.

BCA investments & Netvrk

A little over a month ago, we partnered up with Netvrk. As we partner up with another promising NFT metaverse project, we see the potential and possibilities in this landscape. Netvrk has a strong and dedicated team, a clear token ecosystem and offers good solutions. These are important reasons for our decision to partner up and invest in Netvrk. Just like our community, we are excited to see the progression of this project and are pleased to be able to help Netvrk in various ways!

Additional Mega Bonus Pack NFT deal

Following the excitement around the project in our community and our own research, we have decided to also invest in Netvrk’s Mega Bonus Pack NFT. The mega pack includes:

✓ Unlimited daily resources to build with
✓ Boosted earning on ads and referrals
✓ Free enrollment in Netvrk’s lottery
✓ Discounts on Netvrk’s featured NFTs

Netvrk in a nutshell

Netvrk is a metaverse with strong creation tools, which allows users to create, share, experience and monetize creations. All of this is possible with NFTs and virtual land. Within Netvrk’s metaverse, there are endless possibilities for the creation of unique environments. And, very importantly, everyone can participate, without required technical knowledge.

Netvrk’s Vision & Mission

The project’s aim is to become the next evolution of the internet. They want to achieve this by offering a way for people to consume and create immersive experiences, all while monetizing and sharing content, ultimately resulting in an ever-expanding virtual metaverse.

Mission: In short, Netvrk’s mission is:

  • To generate a unique and visually attractive world;
  • Having this world be ready to be explored, populated, and reshaped to match all users’ needs;
  • Allowing users to be able to use their worlds for personal and professional purposes;
  • Making sure users can enjoy a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides them with the needed tools for the monetization of their VR environments, all in a secure economy.

What are the solutions this project offers?

Although virtual reality has been used in quite some projects (within, but also out of the blockchain space) and has high potential, it’s still not really mainstream. Netvrk gives multiple reasons for why this is the case: a lack of quality content, certain entry issues and very limited options of monetization.

The aim is to change this with Netvrk, by creating a social VR platform with strong creation tools. Within this platform, people will be able to create, share, experience and monetize virtual reality. Netvrk offers solutions for the lack of content (by offering an unlimited amount of unique VR worlds), the entry issues (everyone can create content for both business and pleasure, without technical knowledge), and the lack of ways to monetize VR (Netvrk offers rewards for participation and there are multiple ways of monetization, such as selling unique environments and selling ad space).

Netvrk’s token

Netvrk coin Netvrk has its own token ecosystem. The token has multiple use cases:

  • Buy assets: The Netvrk market has many assets which users can buy for their own virtual world, such as houses, buildings, and vehicles. People can buy these assets with the Netvrk token.
  • Buy land: Besides assets like buildings and houses, users will also be able to buy valuable land. People have the freedom to choose how much land they buy and where they buy it, allowing for a personalized VR experience within Netvrk’s metaverse.
  • Buy ad space: Another creative use case of the Netvrk token is the ability to purchase advertising space with it. People can use this to generate passive income, or to then sell this ad space to others for profit.
  • Generate NFTs: A really nice addition to the Netvrk token ecosystem is the ability to generate NFTs. The project has confirmed that the token can be used to make NFTs, essentially creating another way of earning additional income.
  • Staking: Finally, users can also earn income by staking. By doing this, users will receive a fixed percentage of profit.

Content & Smart ownership

Lastly, we want to touch upon selling & trading content and proof of ownership. Netvrk’s platform does not only allow the above points: it also allows users to sell and trade all kinds of content. This can be, for example, their own virtual real estate, but also basically any content which is uploaded and added to Netvrk’s marketplace.

Since all content is supported by smart contracts, and all assets are presented with the non-fungible ERC721 token standard, everything in the Netvrk marketplace contains owner information. This also always allows for proof of ownership.
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