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Roseon Finance Post-IDO Video AMA

Roseon Finance Post-IDO Video AMA
Roseon Logo Back in the day, we had privately invested in Roseon Finance. Nowadays, we still have good contact with Allan Ta, CEO of Roseon. We think Roseon Finance is a great project, as it allows users to easily manage their digital assets with attractive returns and low fees, functioning as an all-in-one, user-friendly crypto management app.

Today, we are bringing you BCAi’s post-IDO video AMA with Roseon. This is part of our aim to introduce a new view in the crypto video AMA space. We are going to set up post-IDO video AMA updates about projects which are already listed. This allows for a transparent brief update about how projects are doing, and which challenges they are facing.

Video AMA with Roseon Finance

Below, you can watch BCAi’s Post-IDO video AMA with Roseon. Please also like the video and subscribe to our channel to support us and to stay up-to-date about our activities.

Discussed topics

Here are some of the topics covered in this video AMA with Roseon Finance:

  • Is Roseon on track?
  • Is there enough adoption?
  • What are the current developments?
  • What can everyone expect from Roseon in the short to medium term?
The video AMA also discusses Roseon’s marketing and hardest challenges, as well as the user adoption and their roadmap. Make sure to give it a watch, and stay tuned for more (post-IDO) video AMA’s!
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