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Partnership: Amara Finance x BCA investments

Partnership: Amara Finance x BCA investments
Amara Logo We are excited to announce our partnership with Amara Finance, a Multi-chain Asset Financial Servicer within the Polkadot Ecosystem!

Being built on Polkadot, Amara’s platform has some important advantages like decentralization and multi-chain deployment. You’ll find more about our partnership with this lending protocol in this article, as well as some important general information about Amara Finance.

Amara & BCA investments

Amara provides its users with safety, security, and a lot of options when it comes to DeFi lending. The protocol has some significant main advantages and features, which will be described later in this article. BCAi is proud to partner up with Amara Finance. We are happy to support this project by investing in it, as well as provide our support in other important areas!

So what exactly is Amara Finance?

Amara can be described as:

  • A multi-chain assets lending protocol, built within the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Protocol with a focus on open, privacy preserved and multi-chain lending markets.
  • A platform connecting mainstream digital assets and top rated long tail assets, improving overall liquidity and expanding the DeFi horizon.

First, the project will mainly support popular Polkadot assets. Also, Amara will support cross-chain assets like BTC, ETH, and USDT through cross-chain bridges. This is the main destination of Amara in its first stage. Then, long-tail quality assets will be included, and Amara will develop multiple financial services such as unsecured loan, NFTs, and cross-chain lending business, to build itself into an ecological DeFi financial platform on Polkadot.

Amara Finance

Amara wants to eventually become the hub of lending and exchange in the crypto space.

Main Amara Advantages

Why does this lending service provider stand out? What are the main advantages?

  1. Decentralization: Users are able to access an immutable money market protocol, directly on-chain.
  2. Multi-chain deployment: Through multi-chain deployment and MaraLink, people can bring assets from other public chains to Polkadot.
  3. Advanced performance: Amara provides boosted efficiency and shared security with Polkadot.
  4. Multi-layer safeguard: Safety is ensured by not only code audits, but also multiple mechanisms such as: insurance staking, risk deposit, market isolation, and debt pool setting.

Amara - Maralink

Platform features

Some other key platform features, are:

  • Fast and low-cost cross chain transactions
  • High-end NFT assets mortgaging
  • Risk management with various features such as total loan limits and staking insurance for financial safety
  • Acceleration pool which encourages people to hold by sharing profit and accelerating mining
  • Support for both long-tail and mainstream assets
  • Interest rate model

Amara Finance provides its users with a lot of promising advantages & features, as well as safety & security making it a strong DeFi lending protocol. The platform is continuing to develop as new features are being added, and has a growing community from all over the world. We are excited about the future of this project and are happy to be working together with Amara Finance!
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