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Partnership: Gamesta x BCA investments

Partnership: Gamesta x BCA investments
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BCA investments and Gamesta, an A.I. Powered Guild for NFT Gaming, are official partners!

With blockchain gaming, Play to Earn, and GameFi on the rise, the gaming industry is experiencing a new kind of growth. This new wave of interest in gaming is both interesting for token holders and players. Gamesta is building a guild to connect token holders and players together. Learn more in this article!

Our partnership with Gamesta

We are happy to be working together with Gamesta. Their vision focuses on the player, rewarding the loyalty of players, and connecting people within the GameFi ecosystem to improve the P2E experience for everyone.

BCAi is happy to be contributing to the above and support Gamesta in their goal of building one of the most successful blockchain guilds.

Gamesta explained

Gaming should be for everyone. With the rise of blockchain gaming and Play 2 Earn, people are given a chance to earn while enjoying playing a game. They get rewarded for their loyalty. However, not everyone is able to afford the initial investment needed to purchase assets.

This is where Gamesta comes into the equation: with their A.I. powered Guild, they are enabling token holders to connect and empower thousands of underprivileged players throughout the world, enabling both parties to profit. They use AI and Machine learning technology to improve decision-making processes on both asset acquisition and asset deployment.

Gamesta dashboard
Gamesta dashboard

How does Gamesta bring value?

The team’s crypto and, more especially, GameFi experience, helps them to build the guild that gives token holders high rewards, while at the same time empowers people from all over the world.

Gamesta’s 6 main value points are:

  1. A.I. Powered Acquisitions: They are developing an A.I. & ML (Machine Learning) based algorithm to assist in in-game asset acquisition decisions.
  2. ML Player Promotion: The AI & ML learning algorithm optimizes yields and rewards the best players with the best assets.
  3. Gamestation Incubation: Gamesta has incubated Gamestation, which adds knowledge & a large network of value contributors.
  4. Established Operations: Gamesta is actually already in operation: the guild operations already have hundreds of connected players. This will only grow as Gamesta develops further.
  5. Tiered 50/50 Profit Split: Activity, time and performance should be rewarded in gaming. That’s why the platform uses a tiered reward system for players, with up to 50/50 profit share from gaming profits.
  6. Gamesta Academy: Players can join the Gamesta Academy, which is led by some of the best players in the world. This unique academy trains players to maximize their potential and yield when using Gamesta’s in-game assets.

GSG token

GSG token Gamesta’s utility token is called $GSG. It has multiple utilities, such as staking, governance, access to new Play to Earn games and more.

The token plays an important role in Gamesta’s ecosystem, as it will be used to transact value. $GSG will enable players to earn by playing.

We agree that everyone should be included when it comes to being rewarded and earning from crypto gaming. Gamesta’s guild enables that, while also providing benefits for token holders. We are happy to be partners of Gamesta and look forward to the development of the ecosystem!
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